Amazon Chime SDK Documentation


AWS Signature Version 4 APIs with AWS SDK support

Create and manage resources using the AWS SDK. Bring your own authentication and authorization mechanisms. Leverage AWS Identity and Access Management (IAM) for access management.  

React user interface framework

Help accelerate your implementation with components for web interfaces and client-side state management. The Amazon Chime SDK React Component Library includes UI components for video conferencing applications, include pre-call device selection and local video preview, and in-call video tile grids, microphone activity indicators, and call controls. Components use React Providers and Hooks to pass data between the Amazon Chime SDK and the UI layer, where they can be used as-is or can be restyled with a custom theme.

Mobile browser support

Use the Amazon Chime SDK for JavaScript to build audio and video capabilities for the mobile web. With support for Google Chrome on Android and Safari on iOS, you can engage your customers on their mobile devices. When downloading an app is preferred, you can build native mobile apps using the Amazon Chime SDKs for iOS and Android.


Audio and video

Integrate the Amazon Chime SDK for JavaScript, iOS, or Android into your applications to help enable audio and video on WebRTC-enabled browsers and mobile operating systems. 

Transcription with Amazon Transcribe

Use Amazon Transcribe or Amazon Transcribe Medical to help overlay subtitles, build a transcript, or perform content analysis. Individual audio streams of certain participants are sent directly to your Amazon Transcribe account for transcription. The results are processed into user-attributed transcription information which is then sent to meeting participants via Amazon Chime SDK data messages.

Noise reduction with Amazon Voice Focus

Amazon Voice Focus is designed to help reduce unwanted background noise . Amazon Voice Focus uses deep learning to reduce environmental noises like wind, fans, and running water. Amazon Voice focus also helps reduces background noises like lawnmowers and dogs barking, or foreground noises like keyboard typing and shuffling papers.

Client-side video inspection and manipulation

Analyze and modify video in your application before being shared in the meeting. Client-side video inspection and manipulation is designed to give you read-write access to each video frame. You can add features such as auto-framing on the user, background blurring or replacement. You can also use client-side video inspection for use cases such as counting the number of users, applying a watermark, or embedding a logo.

Video simulcast

 With video simulcast enabled, clients upload multiple video streams from the same video source using different resolutions and bitrates. Clients displaying remote video tiles are designed to choose which stream to subscribe to based on factors such as downlink bandwidth, number of video streams shared in the meeting, and by prioritizing content share over webcam video streams.

Content sharing

Share pre-recorded audio and video, or a screen or application window with remote participants without the need to download or install an extension using the Amazon Chime SDK for JavaScript. The Amazon Chime SDKs include embeddable screen viewing controls designed to provide the ability to zoom in and out or pan on the shared content. Callbacks track who is sharing and when the source of the sharing changes.

Data messages

Use data messages to send signals between clients connected to an Amazon Chime SDK meeting. For example, you can use data messages to indicate changes to meeting state, power custom-built collaborative features such as emoji reactions or shared whiteboards, or for other purposes.

Active speaker

Track the active speakers through a periodic callback with a list of attendees sorted from most to least active. Use this information to help enrich the application user experience, for example with active talker labels, video tile highlighting or prioritization, and top talker information.

Volume notifications and mute controls

Use notification callbacks to provide volume levels of attendees who are actively contributing audio for the meeting. Mute and unmute microphone actions and notifications are available to indicate the mute status for each attendee.

Device controller

Use the Device Controller module to help manage the available audio input, audio output, and video input. This is designed to help you control permissions, preview, and selection of the devices used during the media session.

Optimized experience

Manage audio and video performance with both pre-built and customizable bandwidth policies designed to control video bandwidth adaptation and video stream pausing. Builders can override these policies to get a more customized experience.

Meeting events

Use the Amazon Simple Notification Service (SNS) and Amazon Simple Queue Service (SQS) integration to receive meeting events with information to help build experiences like a meeting roster. 

Media Pipelines

Media capture

Capture the contents of your Amazon Chime SDK meeting and save them to an Amazon Simple Storage Service (Amazon S3) bucket of your choice. Media capture is designed to allow you to capture meeting audio, video, and content share streams in five second segments and directly deliver them, along with meeting events and data messages, to your designated S3 bucket. 

Public Switched Telephone Network (PSTN) Audio

Customized Voice Applications

Build applications for interactive voice response (IVR), outbound voice notifications, and meeting join authentication.

Inbound Calling

Add Direct Inward Dial (DID) or toll-free telephone numbers to your voice applications. Route calls to an Amazon Chime SDK meeting, on-premises phone system, or any phone number.

Outbound Calling

Using an API, your application can be designed to make calls to landline or mobile numbers in over 115 countries with per-minute rates.

Phone Number Management and Porting

Manage your phone number inventory, order new numbers, and review pending transactions using the Amazon Chime console, AWS SDK, and AWS CLI. Keep your existing phone numbers by having us port them from your previous service provider.

Bring-your-own telephony

You can bring your own carrier and phone numbers. Just pay for meeting session and application usage. Connect to your existing carrier using Amazon Chime Voice Connector (Session Initiation Protocol) SIP trunking.


Up to 100k Members per Channel

Organize users in channel sizes ranging from one-on-one conversations to broadcast channels with up to 100k members.

Use existing Identity Provider

Choose to use Amazon Cognito for user management and authentication, or use your existing identity provider.

Public and Private Channels

Create public channels that users can find and join, or private channels that require members or moderators to add new members.

Message redaction

Allow moderators and users to redact messages so they are no longer accessible by users.

Edit messages

Enable users to edit any message they send.

Message retention policies and deletion

Implement retention policies, if required. Automatically delete any messages after a retention period you choose, ranging from 1 day to 15 years. APIs are also available to delete individual messages and channels, permanently removing them from Amazon Chime.

Control messages

Use control messages, up to 30 bytes, for features like typing indicators, message effects, or presence.

Moderation tools

Using the Amazon Chime SDK, user channel moderators can redact inappropriate messages, kick users out of channels, and ban users to prevent them from rejoining.


Include attachments stored in Amazon S3 or your choice of storage location as message metadata.

Integrate with other AWS Services

Extend your application with capabilities like translation, profanity filtering, and redaction of sensitive content through integration with other AWS services.

React UI Components

Use React UI components for common messaging elements.


Attendee proximity

Pick the AWS region to host each meeting session based on where the attendees are joining from.

TURN support

Meeting sessions include integrated Traverse Using Relay around NAT (TURN) service for corporate firewall and NAT transversal.

Scaling to peak loads

The Amazon Chime SDK leverages automatic scaling capabilities of the AWS cloud and is designed to help handle peak loads of your business without the need to predict demand or pre-provision the resources.


Amazon Chime Voice Connector for PSTN interconnect and streaming audio

Integrate Amazon Chime Voice Connector to enable phone users to dial into Amazon Chime SDK meetings. 

Additional Information

For additional information about service controls, security features and functionalities, including, as applicable, information about storing, retrieving, modifying, restricting, and deleting data, please see This additional information does not form part of the Documentation for purposes of the AWS Customer Agreement available at, or other agreement between you and AWS governing your use of AWS’s services.