AWS Cloud9 Documentation

Integrated Development Environment

AWS Cloud9 is a cloud-based integrated development environment (IDE) that is designed to let you write, run, and debug code with a browser for supported programming languages. As you type, the editor is designed to provide code completion and code hinting suggestions based on the identifiers within your files and standard, supported libraries.  AWS Cloud9 supports a variety of programming languages and application types . With Cloud9, you can choose from the default run configurations or define custom configurations by specifying environment variables, filenames, command line options, etc.

The editor also enables you to customize your view by allowing you to choose from a variety of color schemes that control syntax highlighting and the UI.  You can also customize the Cloud9 UI by editing your stylesheet.  In addition to the default key bindings, AWS Cloud9 offers the choice to use  other supported key bindings, as well as to define your own custom bindings. Cloud9 supports the ability to edit images, enabling you to resize, crop, rotate or flip the image straight from the browser.

AWS Cloud9 comes with an integrated debugger, which provides commonly used capabilities like setting breakpoints, stepping through code, and inspecting variables in applications of supported languages.  AWS Cloud9 allows you to build serverless applications with pre-packaged SDKs, tools, and libraries needed for serverless application development.

AWS Cloud9 lets you share your development environment with your team. This is designed to allow multiple developers in your team to actively see each other type and pair-program together on the same file and includes a built-in chat capability to communicate with your team without having to leave the IDE.

AWS Cloud9 is designed to retain the revision history of the files in your development environment. This helps you access code changes that were made in the past and revert to an earlier iteration.

Additional Information

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