AWS CodeDeploy Documentation

AWS CodeDeploy enables you to automate, control and monitor application deployments to a variety of compute services in a continuous delivery toolchain.

Automated deployments

AWS CodeDeploy allows you to integrate software deployment and scaling activities in order to keep your application up-to-date in a dynamic production environment by performing blue/green deployments to minimize downtime.  With a blue/green deployment, the new version of your application is launched alongside the old version. Once you test and approve the new revision, CodeDeploy can be configured to shift the traffic from your prior version to your new version according to your specifications including rolling, fractional updates.

On-premises deployments

You can use AWS CodeDeploy to automate software deployments on instances in your own data centers (your instances will need to be able to connect to AWS public endpoints).

Monitoring and control

You can launch, control, and monitor deployments of your software directly from the AWS Management Console or by using the AWS CLI, SDKs, or APIs. You can also set push notifications that allow you to monitor the status of your deployments via SMS or email messages through Amazon Simple Notification Service.

Deployment groups

One application can be deployed to multiple deployment groups. Deployment groups are used to match configurations to specific environments, such as a staging or production environments. You can test a revision in staging and then deploy that same code with the same deployment instructions to production.

Deployment history

AWS CodeDeploy tracks and stores the recent history of your deployments. You can view which application versions are currently deployed to each of your target deployment groups. You can inspect the change history and success rates of past deployments to specific deployment groups. You can also investigate a timeline of past deployments for a detailed view of your deployment successes and errors.

Receive Notifications

AWS CodeDeploy enables you to configure notifications for events impacting your deployments and stop/rollback a deployment if there are too many failed updates.

Additional Information

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