Amazon Fraud Detector Documentation

Amazon Fraud Detector is a fully managed service that enables customers to identify potentially fraudulent online activities such as online payment fraud and the creation of fake accounts. Amazon Fraud Detector uses machine learning (ML) and 20 years of fraud detection expertise from AWS and to identify potentially fraudulent activity. With Amazon Fraud Detector, you can create a fraud detection model with just a few clicks and no prior ML experience because Amazon Fraud Detector handles all of the ML heavy lifting for you.
Once your Amazon Fraud Detector fraud detection model is created, you can use the Amazon Fraud Detector console or API to create rules based on model predictions. Customers can create rules to take actions such as accept, review, or collect more information for specific model scores. For example, you can create a rule to flag suspicious customer accounts for review if the model score is greater than your predetermined threshold and the account’s phone number country and IP address country do not match.
To perform real-time fraud predictions, you can use the Amazon Fraud Detector API in your application to evaluate online activities as they occur. For example, you can call the fraud predictions API to check every new account sign-up for potential fraud risk using your model and rules to trigger an action.

Additional Information

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