AWS IoT 1-Click Documentation

AWS IoT 1-Click is a service designed to enable simple devices to trigger AWS Lambda functions that can execute an action. AWS IoT 1-Click supported devices are designed to enable you to easily perform actions such as notifying technical support, tracking assets, and replenishing goods or services.

Key Features

Use AWS Lambda to define device actions
AWS IoT 1-Click is designed to allow you to associate device events with Lambda functions and thus integrate them into your enterprise workflows without having to touch the firmware on the device.
Organize and monitor your devices
AWS IoT 1-Click is designed to enable you to group your devices based on your requirements and associate actions and contextual data with them. The service is also designed so you can set actions and track health including at an individual device level. The service is also designed to give you pre-defined reports of device activity or to allow you to build custom reports using information published to Amazon CloudWatch.
AWS IoT 1-Click also exposes APIs for developers to use with devices and projects.
Mobile experience
IoT devices need to be managed and physically placed in your environment. AWS IoT 1-Click Mobile apps bring the AWS Cloud and physical devices together because they are designed to enable on-site placement of new devices in a physical location in a few steps. For example, you can pick a new device out of the box and update or add the location attribute of the device in your AWS IoT 1-Click mobile app relatively quickly.
Choice of simple devices
AWS IoT 1-Click is designed to support ready-to-use simple devices that are ready to use right out of the box. For a list of supported devices, please view the AWS IoT 1-Click Device page.
Device manufacturers can build simple devices with appropriate credentials to connect to AWS IoT Core at the time of manufacturing, thus helping with secure connectivity to the AWS cloud.
Grouping with contextual data
AWS IoT 1-Click is designed so customers can group their devices into projects based on their requirements including usage and location. Individual device placements within their projects can be defined with user-specified contextual data.
Choice of actions
AWS IoT 1-Click is designed to enable customers to choose from a set of pre-defined AWS Lambda actions, including sending email and SMS messages, and associate them to devices. Alternatively, customers can choose to use their own custom-defined Lambda functions.
Usage and Status reports
AWS IoT 1-Click is designed so customers can derive reports detailing usage and status of their deployed devices, including pre-defined reports for device activity such as number of clicks and device health such as remaining life on battery-operated devices or custom reports that can be generated using Amazon CloudWatch.
Flexible Access
AWS IoT 1-Click is available through the AWS Management Console and the AWS IoT 1-Click mobile app. In addition, customers can use AWS IoT 1-Click features through a number of public APIs.

Additional Information

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