Amazon Monitron Documentation

Amazon Monitron captures vibration and temperature data from your equipment via wireless sensors, which can be set up in minutes using the Amazon Monitron mobile app with no ML experience or development work required. The Amazon Monitron gateway device transfers the data to AWS, and the service analyzes your data for abnormal machine conditions using machine learning. You can then monitor equipment health through the Amazon Monitron mobile app and enable predictive maintenance.

End-to-end system of wireless sensors and Wi-Fi gateways

Amazon Monitron’s wireless sensors can easily attach to your equipment with adhesive, without the need for expensive and cumbersome cabling. These low-cost sensors are purpose-built to capture vibration and temperature data in order to monitor the condition of your rotating equipment. Amazon Monitron’s Gateways transfer the sensor data to AWS. Amazon Monitron Sensors and Gateways are pre-configured to work with the Amazon Monitron service.

ML-based analytics

Amazon Monitron detects abnormal machine operating states by analyzing vibration and temperature signals using ML-enabled models. 

Timely notifications in the Amazon Monitron mobile app

Amazon Monitron can send push notifications when the service detects abnormal machine patterns from the vibration and temperature settings. You can also review and track these abnormal machine states within the app.

Mobile alert feedback

With just a few taps in the mobile app, you can enter feedback on the alerts received, such as failure mode, failure cause, and action taken. Amazon Monitron can learn from that feedback and continually improve over time.

Additional Information

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