Amazon Pinpoint Documentation

Amazon Pinpoint is designed to be a flexible and scalable outbound and inbound marketing communications service.

Communication channels

Amazon Pinpoint email, voice, push notification, and SMS channels is designed to offer deliverability and scale to help reach customers around the globe.

Marketers and business users can orchestrate and run campaigns by using the web-based experience. They can also create multi-step campaigns with journeys by using a drag-and-drop, no-code experience in the Amazon Pinpoint console. 

Developers and system integrators can use the Amazon Pinpoint REST API or AWS SDKs to utilize the same Amazon Pinpoint channels for message sending. Developers can also create custom channels in Amazon Pinpoint. Custom channels help enable you to send messages through services that have an API, including third-party services.


Amazon Pinpoint is designed to help you start sending emails quickly, and you only pay for what you use.


Amazon Pinpoint offers SMS messaging to enable . businesses in a wide variety of industries use two-way SMS to help keep their customers informed and engaged. For example, medical practices can send messages to their patients asking them to confirm their appointments.

Push notifications

You can use mobile push notifications which are designed to help reach customers around the world and across a wide variety of devices. Your customers don't even have to be using your app in order to receive mobile push notifications.

Marketing messages

Send marketing messages by using Amazon Pinpoint for promotional marketing communication. 

Audience segmentation

You can create segments based on either real-time data or static lists. Dynamic segments use real-time customer attributes, which can help you to keep your data  up to date — including results from previous campaigns. You can also create static segments by importing CSV or JSON files that contain existing first- or third-party customer data.

Templates and personalization

Create reusable content templates across Amazon Pinpoint projects. Use attributes like name for basic personalization, or integrate your templates with Machine Learning data models using Amazon Personalize. Amazon Personalize integrates real-time personalization and recommendation data natively in Amazon Pinpoint.


Specify schedules for Amazon Pinpoint campaigns, or set them up to execute when your customers perform specific actions. Send test emails to internal teams for quality assurance prior to starting your campaign, or perform A/B testing to determine the content or time for your customer base.


Amazon Pinpoint journeys is designed to help you create multichannel and multi-step experiences for your customers. When you build a journey, you choose the activities that you want to add to each communications touch-point. These activities can perform a variety of different actions across channels, like sending an SMS to journey participants, then waiting a defined period of for a follow-up email.

Transactional messages

Transactional messages are on-demand messages that you send to specific recipients. You can use the Amazon Pinpoint API and the AWS SDKs to send transactional messages through email, push, SMS, or voice. You can also programmatically trigger a transactional message from a customer activity in a web or mobile applications. For example, you can automatically send a receipt when a customer makes a purchase or deliver a one-time password immediately after a customer requests it.


Mobile and web analytics

Amazon Pinpoint collects usage attributes and metrics to help you identify trends in how customers are interacting with your applications. You can use this data to create both dynamic and static segments and take action in a campaign.

Transactional and campaign results

Amazon Pinpoint offers analytics related to the performance of your communications. Metrics like open rates, clicks, etc., on your campaigns and transactional messages help you to better understand historical trends and identify areas of improvement.


The deliverability dashboard helps you identify and address issues that could impact the delivery of the emails that you send. 

Additional Information

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