AWS PrivateLink Documentation


AWS PrivateLink enables you to provide private connectivity between VPCs, AWS services, and your on-premises networks, without exposing your traffic to the public internet.


AWS PrivateLink, enables you to create an elastic network interface in your subnet with a private IP address that serves as an entry point for traffic destined to the service.
You can create your own AWS PrivateLink-powered service (endpoint service) and enable other AWS customers to access your service.
Privately connecting to your on-premises applications
Interface VPC endpoints support private connectivity, so that applications in your premises will be able to connect to these services via the Amazon private network.
Integration with AWS Marketplace
AWS PrivateLink is integrated with AWS Marketplace enabling you to lookup services that are available over AWS PrivateLink. To facilitate the identification of which services are attached to your endpoint, services that are available from AWS Marketplace are supported with vanity DNS names.

Additional Information

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