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Key Product Features

Key Product Features

Using AWS Auto Scaling, you can configure automatic scaling for all of the scalable resources powering your application from a single unified interface, including:

  • Amazon EC2: Launch or terminate Amazon EC2 instances in an Amazon EC2 Auto Scaling group. Learn more.
  • Amazon EC2 Spot Fleets: Launch or terminate instances from an Amazon EC2 Spot Fleet, or automatically replace instances that get interrupted for price or capacity reasons. Learn more.
  • Amazon ECS: Adjust ECS service desired count up or down to respond to load variations. Learn more.
  • Amazon DynamoDB: Enable a DynamoDB table or a global secondary index to increase its provisioned read and write capacity to handle sudden increases in traffic without throttling. Learn more.
  • Amazon Aurora: Dynamically adjust the number of Aurora Read Replicas provisioned for an Aurora DB cluster to handle sudden increases in active connections or workload. Learn more.

AWS Auto Scaling scans your environment and automatically discovers the scalable cloud resources underlying your application, so you don’t have to manually identify these resources one by one through individual service interfaces.

Using AWS Auto Scaling, you can select one of three predefined optimization strategies designed to optimize performance, optimize costs, or balance the two. If you prefer, you can set your own target resource utilization. Using your selected scaling strategy, AWS Auto Scaling will create the scaling policies for each of your resources for you.

Predictive Scaling predicts future traffic, including regularly-occurring spikes, and provisions the right number of EC2 instances in advance of predicted changes. Predictive Scaling’s machine learning algorithms detect changes in daily and weekly patterns, automatically adjusting their forecasts. This removes the need for manual adjustment of Auto Scaling parameters over time, making Auto Scaling simpler to configure and consume. Auto Scaling enhanced with Predictive Scaling delivers faster, simpler, and more accurate capacity provisioning resulting in lower cost and more responsive applications. Learn More

AWS Auto Scaling automatically creates target tracking scaling policies for all of the resources in your scaling plan, using your selected scaling strategy to set the target values for each metric. AWS Auto Scaling also creates and manages the Amazon CloudWatch alarms that trigger scaling adjustments for each of your resources.

AWS Auto Scaling continually calculates the appropriate scaling adjustments and immediately adds and removes capacity as needed to keep your metrics on target. AWS target tracking scaling policies are self-optimizing, and learn your actual load patterns to minimize fluctuations in resource capacity. This results in smoother, smarter scaling and you pay only for the resources you actually need.