Posted On: Nov 9, 2010

We are excited to make 3 announcements today for Amazon CloudFront, the easy-to-use AWS content delivery network.

First, Amazon CloudFront is entering General Availability (GA), after adding many highly-requested features during the course of our public beta period.

Second, you can now use Amazon CloudFront with any origin server that holds the original, definitive versions of your content. When we launched CloudFront, we designed it to work with Amazon S3 as your origin server. Starting today, customers can also use Amazon CloudFront with origin servers running on Amazon EC2 instances or with any other custom origin. This is especially useful for customers with custom content management systems that don’t use Amazon S3, or for customers who want to do object manipulation, like image resizing or ad insertion, in their origin. To utilize this new functionality, please see our Amazon CloudFront Developer Guide. There is no additional charge to use a custom origin. Of course, Amazon S3 remains a great choice to use with CloudFront and is the recommended option for most use cases.

Third, we are providing a Service Level Agreement (SLA) for Amazon CloudFront, with a service level commitment of 99.9% availability. If availability falls below this level, customers are eligible to receive service credits. The new Amazon CloudFront SLA is designed to give you additional confidence that your content will always be available. You can read more about the Amazon CloudFront SLA here.

Please visit to learn more about Amazon CloudFront, the custom origin feature, and the SLA. We’re excited to make Amazon CloudFront the right content delivery choice for even more customers.