Posted On: Jul 18, 2012

Today, we are excited to announce the availability of CloudWatch metrics for EC2 status checks. These new CloudWatch metrics let you view graphs, analyze history and set alarms on your EC2 instance’s status check results.

  • Free of Charge – CloudWatch metrics for EC2 status checks are free of charge with every EC2 instance and are included in EC2 Basic Monitoring. You will have up to fourteen days of status check history for all of your instances.
  • Automatically Enabled – CloudWatch metrics for EC2 status checks have already been enabled for all of your running instances and are automatically enabled for any new instances you launch.
  • CloudWatch Alarm Support – CloudWatch metrics for EC2 status checks can be used with CloudWatch alarms to automatically notify you if a status check has detected a problem with your instance (additional charges may apply for CloudWatch alarms usage.)

To learn more about CloudWatch metrics for EC2 status checks, including ways to view status check metrics or add CloudWatch alarms for automatic notifications, see the Monitoring Your Instances and Volumes with CloudWatch.

To learn more about EC2 status checks, see Monitoring Instances with Status Checks.

To learn more about CloudWatch, including CloudWatch alarms pricing, see the CloudWatch detail page.