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Use Cases

Migrating to AWS

Elastic Load Balancing supports the load balancing capabilities critical for you to migrate to AWS. ELB is well positioned to load balance both traditional and cloud native applications with auto scaling capabilities.

Modernizing Applications with Serverless and Containers

Elastic Load Balancing adapts to the modern applications and their changing load without customer intervention, scaling out while still only charging for usage.

Website Delivery

CloudFront can speed up the delivery of your websites, whether its static objects or dynamic content. The CDN offers a multi-tier cache by default that improves latency and lowers the load on origin servers.

Live & On-demand Video Streaming

CloudFront supports multiple streaming formats, including Microsoft Smooth, HLS, HDS, or MPEG-DASH. Integration with Elemental MediaStore offers low-latency streaming.

Free Product Offers

 Build networking solutions using these product offers from the AWS Free Tier.


Elastic Load Balancing

Load Balancer

Automatic distribution of incoming application traffic across multiple Amazon EC2 instances.

750 Hours per month shared between Classic and Application load balancers

15 GB of data processing for Classic load balancers

15 LCUs for Application load balancers

Elastic Load Balancing pricing

Amazon CloudFront

Content Delivery Network

Web service to distribute content to end users with low latency and high data transfer speeds.

50 GB of Data Transfer Out

2 Million HTTP or HTTPS Requests

Amazon CloudFront Pricing

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  • Tutorials
  • Videos
  • Introduction to Amazon CloudFront (1:49)
    Amazon CloudFront Fundamentals (28:52)
    Getting Started with Elastic Load Balancing (5:04)
    Get the Most from Elastic Load Balancing for Different Workloads (53:59)
  • Tutorials
  • Tutorials

    Start with these free and simple tutorials to explore Networking and Content Delivery services.

    Getting started with Elastic Load Balancing

    In this tutorial, you will how to set up an Application Load Balancer, Network Load Balancer, or Gateway Load Balancer with APIs, AWS Command Line Interfaces (CLI), or through the AWS Management Console. 

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    Deliver Content Faster with Amazon CloudFront

    In this tutorial, you will learn how to deliver content and decrease end-user latency of your web application using Amazon CloudFront. 

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    How to set up an Amazon CloudFront distribution for Amazon S3

    In this step-by-step tutorial, you will learn how to use Amazon CloudFront with Amazon Simple Storage Service (S3) to accelerate the delivery of your web content and reduce the load on your origin servers.

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