AWS Enterprise Strategists meet with cloud leaders in Hong Kong from commercial enterprises to the public sector, hearing their perspectives on innovation at scale when it comes to people, culture, and organization. In these conversations, we explore topics such as cultivating next level leaders, dealing with failure, keeping up with the ever increasing pace of technology, and staying inspired.

Perspectives from Hong Kong


Lawrence Fong
Group General Manager, Digital & IT, Cathay Pacific Airways

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Headquartered in Hong Kong, Cathay Pacific Airways enjoys its journey on digital transformation since 2016, embracing challenges with delayed projects and unstable digital deliverables. When facing a fast-changing world, the company reacts quickly and urges employees to be risk-takers, and agilely adapt to AWS infrastructure tools and improve their competence. Transformation occurs when employees champion innovation and technology. Lawrence Fong, Group General Manager, Digital & IT, shares with us how to motivate teams to learn new knowledge, scale applications, cut costs, and stay agile yet highly available in the time of change - a secret recipe for the company to stay ahead in the game.


Avery Palos
Senior VP, Global Chief Information Officer, Melco Resorts

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As a young operator who has facilities in Manila, Macao and Cyprus, Melco Resorts & Entertainment attaches much importance to bringing a unique experience to its customers thanks to AWS advanced cloud technology. For an integrated resort who remains to be competitive among its competitors, innovation is the key to addressing users’ requirements, making its functions more accessible. The reason the company delivers services to customers faster is that it takes risks as opportunities to excel. Senior VP & Global CIO Avery Palos puts it well and says their endeavor to move products to the cloud is proved to be a successful strategy to innovate and expand their business.


Michael Yip
Chief Innovation Officer, Modern Terminals Limited

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Modern Terminals Limited, a major container terminal operator based in Hong Kong with facilities in Kwai Tsing, Hong Kong and southern China, embraces digital transformation by providing customers with value-added services and ensuring that the whole port ecosystem in Hong Kong works in collaboration. It plays an important role to connect ocean, river and land activities between the mainland and Hong Kong, and within the city by improving sea trade logistics and meeting the requirements of shipping lines and other stakeholders. Digital innovation matters as it is a major driver across the entire supply chain. Michael Yip, Chief Innovation Officer of the Company shares information about the Company’s plan in turning the facilities in Hong Kong into a Smart Port.”


Shah Irani
Chief Technology Officer, Fleet Management Limited

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Fleet Management Limited, one of the world’s largest independent third-party ship management companies, providing over twenty thousand seafarers with quality services through AWS cloud’s prompt recovery features. As part of the plans for digital transformation, working in collaboration with AWS has already made a revolutionary difference, making the products more reliable and stable. As the CTO, Shah Irani elaborates on his experience that the company is now able to make an environment feasible in a few minutes. Applications could be released quickly after going through trials and experiments which allow new changes to be made with ease. His team innovates and takes risks to make the products more scalable and supportable.


Pubudu Abayasiri
Director, China Light & Power (CLP) Innovation Lab


As a power utility operating in several Asia-Pacific markets, CLP Holding has a massive asset base and deep pool of expertise. CLP Innovation was established to overcome the inertia that comes with size and help develop new solutions and a culture of innovation across the company. Pubs Abayasiri, associate director of CLP Innovation, talks about how to nurture innovation in the shadow of a giant, drawing on its strengths while leveraging partnerships and exposing it to emerging technologies. He makes the case that the cloud is not just for startups, but a valuable tool which enterprises can use to evaluate new ideas within the organization, gain valuable customer feedback, and fast-track new service development. 


Leon Chan
Director, Technology & Digital, Hong Kong Disneyland Resort


Customer experience is of paramount importance to Hong Kong Disneyland Resort, and technology and pace of innovation have an important part to play in supporting this core value. As Leon Chan explains, Disneyland has been using technologies such as IoT, AI, AR, and VR in different areas. What’s more, they have a team named “Technovators” that focuses on exploring new technologies and seeking the development of Disneyland’s business. Check out how the team experiments ideas fast on AWS and brings even finer park experience for visitors.


Alex Wang

HK01, a new media company, achieved a growth rate of 500% for two consecutive years. How technology helped them to develop business so rapidly? Alex Wang, the CTO of HK01, said they use technology to achieve 3 main goals: revenue generation, cost reduction and product platformization. They are using technology such as automated advertisements for revenue generation and productivity. HK01 is also one of the first users of AWS in Hong Kong. AWS has helped to support their business with stability, flexibility and cost reduction. Meanwhile, HK01 continue to focus on technology innovation, enabled with a new business model they call “Online Merge Offline (OMO)”.


Peter YAN King-shun
Chief Executive Officer, Cyberport

Cyberport hosts more than 1000 startups, and is one of the biggest innovative hubs in Hong Kong. It focuses on applications like financial technology, smart living, and digital entertainment. To help startups identify opportunities for investment and promote their business, Cyberport has established an investor network and launched AI, big data, blockchain and cybersecurity technology to establish an loT solution hub. What’s more, they launched a cloud academy with AWS. Innovation is a core component of Cyberport’s culture. Peter Yan, CEO, shares with us Cyberport’s latest initiatives designed to strengthen the company culture and empower employees.


Michael Chan
Co-Founder and Co-CEO, Bowtie

Bowtie, Hong Kong’s first virtual insurance company, leveraged AWS cloud infrastructure, developer tools, and business support to move rapidly from business plan to regulatory approval and the successful launch of a fully-automated, self-service health insurance portal. It shows how a startup can work within a highly-regulated environment to bring innovation to a conservative industry. Co-founder and co-CEO Michael Chan talks about the challenges of keeping regulators on-side while moving fast and maintaining close business and technology alignment within a growing organization. He also speaks to the coming revolution that wearable devices will have on health insurance.


Kenneth Chau
CTO, WeLab Bank

In fintech IT is not a support function and cost centre but a guiding force that powers business. With a goal to be “Instant, Interactive and Intelligent”, WeLab built a lending engine around unstructured data, analytics, and AI that serves more than 38 million customers in China, Hong Kong, and Indonesia. WeLab CTO Kenneth Chau describes the benefits of the cloud for their stakeholders, in terms of time-to-market, Capex and resiliency. Moving to AWS has enabled WeLab to move faster with support from the strong partner ecosystem and, with the new Hong Kong Region, allowed it to secure one of the first virtual banking licenses in Hong Kong.


Rex Ching
Head of Technical Engineering, TVB

Technology is very influential in the Media Industry. Nowadays, the experience of television and video watching has changed completely. What do technology and cloud bring to TVB’s new development? Rex Ching, head of technical engineering, share with us the story of improving the viewing experience and the interaction between end audience and TVB’s production. They created and launched many new services like MyTVSuper, BigBigChannel and short videos. In addition to DevOps, OTT, TVB invested in big data and Artificial Intelligence, such as face recognition. As innovation is crucial towards TVB’S development, they are very involved in video-related businesses and services, by using new technologies.


Vandia Yang
Chairman of AI & Cloud Committee, Smart City Consortium

In Vandia Yang’s view, the Chairman of AI & Cloud, smart city should be an ecosystem. Smart City Consortium is creating a safe and real-time big data environment to enable government and corporations to develop smart use cases. When realizing the vision, Smart City Consortium encountered some challenges, such as the valuation of use cases. This can become an even bigger obstacle when 5G is popularized, as the volume of data will increase drastically. What kind of technologies is Smart City Consortium using to cope with these challenges?


Leo Cheng
CIO, Midland Holdings


Midland has been established in Hong Kong for 46 years. They have business not only in realty, but also in insurance and overseas investments. Leo Cheng, the CIO of Midland, shares Midland’s digital transformation journey. What’s the role of technology when facilitating the process of their digital transformation? As customer behaviors evolve, more and more people are researching online before they make investment decisions. Technology has helped Midland digitize manual processes and take advantage of digital platforms. AWS Cloud provides the flexibility needed to accommodate unexpected traffic and peace of mind in storing and processing data. Midland is also leveraging the AWS Cloud to modernize and automate their software development lifecycle.

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