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Amazon Web Services (AWS) is expanding our global footprint, enabling local customers to run applications and store their content in data centers right here in Hong Kong, with the launch of our brand-new Asia Pacific (Hong Kong) Region. For a complete list of AWS services available in the Asia Pacific (Hong Kong) Region, visit the AWS Region Table page. Please visit Jeff Barr’s blog to understand how to access the Hong Kong Region.

To start using the Asia Pacific (Hong Kong) Region, sign up for an AWS account, or contact our Hong Kong team to learn more.

Introduction to AWS Asia Pacific (Hong Kong) Region

Featured Customers



Bowtie runs its core system platform, including policy administration, claims and underwriting applications on AWS. Building on top of AWS has allowed us to ensure our company operates in a highly secure and available space as required of insurance companies operating in a highly regulated environment. AWS has more security certifications than any other cloud provider, bringing our customers, and us, a peace of mind that couldn’t be achieved with another cloud platform. With the launch of the AWS Asia Pacific (Hong Kong) Region, we will also be able to meet any requirements to keep our workloads on Hong Kong soil.”

Michael Chan, Co-founder and Co-CEO, Bowtie.

Cathay Pacific

Cathay Pacific

“AWS helped us re-architect and modernize our technology stacks into a cloud native design, reducing the software development duration time by 67 percent and infrastructure costs by 50 percent. This allowed us to improve our efficiency and time-to-market significantly."

“AWS’s impressive and leading suite of services has opened up a world of possibilities to our IT team, putting the foremost technology at our fingertips so we can test new concepts, and deliver innovative ideas quickly to our end-users. One such idea-to-implementation is to enable blockchain technology for Asia Miles, which will provide Asia Miles partners a single data source when managing account activity with a near real-time ability to manage rewards. Bringing a new AWS Region to Hong Kong reduces latency for our engineering team, helping them experiment faster and bring new tools to our travelers, ultimately resulting in a better customer experience.”

Lawrence Fong, General Manager, IT Solutions, and Information Technology of Cathay Pacific

Chinachem Group

Chinachem Group

“Since starting a half-century ago, Chinachem Group has been one of the leading property developer in Hong Kong, advancing the sale or lease of residential, commercial, retail and industrial buildings for sale or lease, as well as operating hotels and serviced apartments. Chinachem is undertaking a digital transformation which will improve the way we engage and interact with our customers, partners and employees. A key part of this transformation, is our partnership with AWS for the deployment of SAP S/4HANA 

The partnership with AWS Asia Pacific (Hong Kong) region has not only allowed enhanced our agility and streamlined the process of our SAP S/4HANA deployment, but also allows us to accelerate the transformation and to support our future growth, both locally and beyond.”

Joseph Cagliarini, Group Head of Technology and Process Management of Chinachem Group

Kerry Logistics

Kerry Logistics

“AWS provides us with high reliability and elasticity, helping us achieve our business ambitions through technology innovation, and allowing us to best serve our customers by supporting their expansion and long-term growth.”

“By adopting AWS’s services, we have successfully transformed our previous centralized deployment to a multi-region and multi-environment deployment, which has created much more value for our customers. We are very excited to use the new AWS Asia Pacific (Hong Kong) Region, and we are looking forward to experimenting more in the AWS Cloud, to deliver even more to our end-users.”

Wilson Lee, Group Director of Information Technology of Kerry Logistics.



“We leverage the technology breadth and stability of AWS to run our business, for example, using AWS to analyze unstructured mobile big data to make credit decisions for individual borrowers in seconds. The simplicity and commoditization of technologies that AWS delivers enables us to be more agile and reserve more time to solve real business problems rather than common platform challenges. The launch of the AWS Asia Pacific (Hong Kong) Region will further help us use more of AWS’s leading cloud services, and move workloads that require low latency or data residency requirements to execute in the cloud.”

Eddie Tse, Head of IT, WeLend.

Accelerate your Cloud Journey

with AWS Asia Pacific (Hong Kong) Region Webinar

We’re going through a shift in technology that is unlike any other in our lifetime, and it’s happening at a startling pace – much faster than anybody anticipated and organizations across Hong Kong SAR are moving their mission-critical workloads to AWS to drive cost savings, accelerate innovation, and speed time-to-market. The AWS Asia Pacific (Hong Kong) Region is the eighth active AWS Region in Asia Pacific and mainland China and is the twenty-first active AWS region globally. Bringing an AWS Region to Hong Kong means organizations will be able to provide even lower latency to end users and will enable more local organizations to leverage advanced technologies such as Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Internet of Things (IoT), mobile services, and more to drive innovation.

Join Zane Moi (Head of HKT Ecosystem Partner) and Dean Samuels (Head of HKT Solutions Architecture) as they discuss how organisations, from start-ups to enterprise and from government agencies to not-for-profits, can leverage this new region and the AWS global infrastructure to reinvent themselves and take advantage of evolving technology trends and changes like the cloud.

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