How do I get help with my AWS account and resources?

Last updated: 2018-03-06

I have questions about my AWS resources, account, or bill. How can I can get answers to my questions?


To get help with AWS, try one of the following resources:

AWS Documentation

Check the documentation for the service you're using. AWS documentation usually includes tutorials for common use-cases and troubleshooting guides.

AWS Forums

See if other AWS users can help. AWS engineers also monitor the forums and provide help on a best-effort basis.

AWS Support

Sign in to your AWS account, open the AWS Support Center, and then choose Create case.

If you have a question like one of the following, choose Account and billing support:

  • Can you reopen my closed account?
  • Are the services on my account active?
  • Can you increase my AWS service limits?
  • Can you help me understand the line items on my AWS bill?
  • Can you help me find AWS documentation to answer my technical question?

If you need help right away, choose Phone under Contact options.

If you have a technical question and want one-on-one email, chat, or phone support from an AWS engineer, consider a Developer, Business or Enterprise Support plan.

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