I have some questions about my AWS resources, account, or bill. What are the different ways I can get answers to my AWS-related questions?

You can get answers to your AWS-related questions in a variety of ways, and the way that’s best for you will depend on the type of question you have, the urgency of the question, and your personal taste.

AWS Documentation

AWS provides extensive documentation for each of its services, as well as explanations of how to implement common use cases on AWS hardware. Each service also has tutorials and guides to help you implement a test project, giving you an overview of the fundamentals of working with that service. From there, you can adapt the test project to your needs, or use the service’s documentation to implement a custom solution.

You can find a list of currently-available documentation by AWS service at AWS Documentation.

AWS Forums

It’s likely that other AWS users have successfully implemented a solution that you may be considering, and the AWS forums allow you to get input and assistance from those users. AWS engineers also monitor the forums, and they provide answers to questions on a best-effort basis.

Each AWS service has its own forum. There are also AWS forums for commonly used programming languages and environments, allowing you to reach out to the users and engineers who have the most experience using these languages and environments on AWS.

For a list of currently available forums, see Discussion Forums.

Customer Service

To contact AWS Support, sign in to your AWS account, go to the Support Center at https://aws.amazon.com/support, and choose Create case.

Note: For security reasons, AWS customer service cannot delete, terminate, or alter AWS resources, close an AWS account, or change the information on an AWS account on request.

Basic Support

The Basic support plan is available to all AWS customers, free-of-charge. Basic support covers accounts and billing, for questions like these:

  • Can you reopen my closed account?
  • Are the services on my account active?
  • Can you increase my AWS service limits?
  • Can you help me understand the line items on my AWS bill?
  • Can you help me find AWS documentation to answer my technical question?

To get help with accounts and billing, sign in to your AWS account, open the Support Center at https://aws.amazon.com/support, choose Create case, and then choose Account and Billing Support.

For urgent assistance with a case, choose Phone under Contact method and provide a number you can be reached at within ~15 minutes. Avoid creating multiple cases for the same issue, as this can delay the response

Technical Support

AWS Support technical support plans are designed to complement your development efforts and allow you or your developers to get help implementing your application, website, or other solution on AWS hardware. For more information about AWS Support plans, see AWS Support.

AWS Support offers email, chat, and phone support, as well as screen-sharing. For more information about which contact methods are available, see Compare AWS Support Plans.

After you have signed up for a technical support plan, you can contact AWS support engineers by signing in to your AWS account, opening the Support Center, choosing Create case, and choosing Technical Support.

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Published: 2016-04-19