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Amazon Web Services (AWS) Institute engages global leaders who share an interest in solving some of the world’s most pressing challenges using technology. By convening leaders, industry experts, and entrepreneurs for strategic dialogue, in small, private roundtables, the Institute helps turn ideas into action, accelerate innovation, and solve problems at scale.

Roundtable dialogues focus on identifying sector priorities for policy reform, gaps in infrastructure, and sector challenges to develop actionable, scalable, and cost-effective solutions. These in-depth conversations enable participants to learn from public sector and industry experts who use technology to innovate. 

Organizations can leverage technology to more effectively provide services to citizens, make better decisions, facilitate resource deployment, and ultimately, help shape conditions essential for attracting new economic activity.

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Cyber attacks can hit critical infrastructure. Technology allows for the real-time collection of data, advanced analytics, and expert analysis to predict, identify, and react to potential threats. Through automatic risk monitoring, analysis, and security prioritization, organizations can earn constituents’ trust, helping to set the stage for economic growth.

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Technology helps accelerate talent development. It opens new pathways for students, and helps build the intellectual capital needed to excel in the digital economy.  Academic organizations engage the Institute to better understand teaching and learning solutions, how to analyze student data, and meet the ever-changing needs of the modern student.

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Technology has the potential to accelerate human progress, bridge the digital divide, and provide access to economic opportunity.  Cities, nations, and regions are using technology to empower citizens and open markets. Making government data open and available for public consumption can help fuel entrepreneurship, accelerate scientific discovery, and create efficiencies across industries.

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Public sector leaders are invited to attend global AWS Institute events to share  ideas, develop solutions, and expand their networks.

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