Posted On: Sep 18, 2020

On September 17, 2020, Amazon Pinpoint announced that customers can now store up to 250 attributes across users and endpoints, which is an increase from 40. Attributes are parts of a customer record stored within Amazon Pinpoint that can be used to execute channel marketing through email, push or SMS. Attributes are key pieces of data used for targeting specific criteria, such as sending an email to all customers with a car model older than 2015. Attributes can also be used to customize a message template by adding personal preferences such as name or preferred coffee order. The limit was also extended for endpoint imports through the Amazon Pinpoint console, as well as through the ImportJob and UpdateEndpoint APIs. 

The increased endpoint attribute limit allows customers to better target campaigns with more granular user segments. This improved targeting means the right users see the right message, which will in turn increases campaign performance and key business metrics. In addition, customers can reference up to 250 attributes within individual message templates. This is a time saver for customers who today need to split up campaigns and hard-code certain user data, enabling customers to add greater levels of personlized data within a single user message. This feature is added at no extra cost. 

For more information on how to import or update your attributes to take advantage of the increased limit, see the importing endpoints guide in the Amazon Pinpoint documentation.