The Amazon Web Services (AWS) Institute breaks down barriers between public, private, and nonprofit sectors to identify common problems and engage technology experts to find a path forward. The Institute identifies strategies and pilot projects that can solve specific challenges, builds partnerships between and across organizations, rapidly prototypes new approaches, and shares best practices among similar organizations.

Innovation in Higher Education Series: Scott Pulsipher, President, Western Governors University

Areas of work

Digital transformation

Governments use technology to deliver better and more cost-effective citizen services. The Institute helps governments identify challenges in their transformation journeys and ways to address them using technology.

Data privacy and security

Cybersecurity is one of the most challenging aspects of the digital age. The Institute convenes public sector leaders to understand the cybersecurity challenges and how technology can mitigate them.  

Economic development

Technology can accelerate human progress, bridge the digital divide, and expand access to economic opportunity. The Institute uncovers stories of how data helps address problems like homelessness and the opioid crisis.

The future of work

Technology opens new pathways for students and builds the human capital needed to excel in the digital economy. The Institute demonstrates how technology can help academic institutions innovate and prepare learners for future jobs.

Kiron Open Higher Education

Kiron Open Higher Education (Kiron) built its internal organizational applications for project management and more using AWS, which resulted in increased flexibility and scalability and a reduction in time to market and cost. Kiron was founded in 2015 with a mission to democratize education for refugees and underserved communities and is a winner of the City on a Cloud Innovation Challenge. Using Amazon CloudWatch, AWS CloudTrail, and Amazon ElastiCache, Kiron has built and scaled flexible, customized learning pathways for its students. The Institute sat down with Kiron's Kate Muwoki to discuss how cloud technology helps her organization meet its mission. 

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Kiron provides refugees flexible learning pathways with AWS


Briefing Paper

Canada’s Evolving Regulatory Framework

Digital transformation in the global banking industry requires Canadian financial services regulators to consider how to update rules and procedures created for traditional banking and financial services to reflect new realities—increasingly conducted online and in the cloud.

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Briefing Paper

How technology helps cities become sustainable and inclusive – APAC Edition

As city populations expand, so does the imperative to make sure that urban infrastructure and services can accommodate growth. This paper examines how cities in APAC are adopting innovative technology to meet rising demands on public services and infrastructure.

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Briefing Paper

The risks of the digital status quo

When considering digital transformation, governments tend to focus on the potential drawbacks of digital transformation and overlook important risks arising from the failure to adopt new technologies. Read this report on the risk of the digital status quo and how to mitigate it.

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Building resilience for a new normal

This paper provides a set of best practices for governments to consider as they restart their economies, reskill their workforce, and strengthen their healthcare systems.

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Going Cloud First

The cloud is allowing emerging markets in the Asia-Pacific region to leapfrog innovation and deliver better and faster services to their citizens. 

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Reference Guide

Building Digital Skills

This paper offers strategies to help governments build a diverse and tech-savvy workforce, capable of driving digital transformation.  

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Briefing Paper

How technology helps cities become sustainable and inclusive

As cities become home to the majority of the world’s population, leaders are turning to cloud technology for solutions to the challenges they are facing – from traffic to public health crises and natural disasters.

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Briefing Paper

Strategies to spend smarter and deliver better

Governments are seeking innovative ways to deliver better services at lower costs. Success requires addressing structural, operational, and cultural barriers to technology adoption.

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