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AWS is working with APN Partners to provide a range of exclusive offers to help AWS customers simplify business operations, strengthen existing customer relationships and make new ones, gain audience insights, and make IT environments more secure.


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APN Consulting Partners are professional services firms that help customers of all types and sizes design, architect, build, migrate, and manage their workloads and applications on AWS, accelerating their journey to the cloud. APN Consulting Partners often implement Technology Partner solutions in addition to the professional services they offer.

APN Technology Partners provide hardware, connectivity services, or software solutions that are either hosted on, or integrated with, the AWS Cloud. Technology Partner products are often delivered as components to broader AWS customer solutions and can be delivered globally by Consulting Partners through AWS Marketplace, bundled solutions, or directly from APN Technology Partners.

AWS is working together with other business partners to bring Hong Kong customers the latest special offers to ease your business operation, reach out new customers, strengthen existing customer relationships, gain audience insights, or make your IT environment more secure.

APN Partner Webinars

Master your cloud computing journey with help from trusted APN Partners
Deliver a Personalized Customer Experience on AWS with Cognizant
Presented with Cognizant

You will be connected with AWS team and AWS Partner Cognizant to explore how to deliver relevant personalization with customer data platform on AWS to maximize your business growth. We will be introducing to you on building a single view of customer databases across brands for hyper-personalization experience which can provides you with valuable big data and business insights to accelerate your business.

Deliver a Personalized Customer Experience on AWS with Cognizant
Analytics based investigation and automated response with AWS and Splunk
Presented with Splunk

Together, AWS and Splunk provide solutions to help detect, investigate, and respond to threats against your critical workloads running in your AWS environments. Learn how Splunk Cloud, Splunk Security Operations Suite, and Splunk Mission Control work with key AWS security data sources to help provide the right visibility and response mechanisms to manage security of your AWS workloads efficiently.

Analytics based investigation and automated response with AWS and Splunk
Migrating Securely to AWS with Prisma™ Cloud
Presented with Palo Alto Networks

AWS and Palo Alto Networks would like to introduce the solutions that help you to migrate your container pipeline to AWS with enhanced security. Come join us for an 1-hour webinar and learn more about the benefits of Prisma™ Cloud with AWS.



Migrating Securely to AWS with Prisma™ Cloud
Hassle-free Database Migration
Presented with Rackspace
Find out the techniques available for new deployment or migration to Amazon Aurora, covering both homogeneous and heterogeneous database migration and how Rackspace can accelerate the go-to-cloud journey.
APN Webinar with Rackspace: Hassle-free Database Migration to Cloud Webinar
Build Production-grade Hybrid Cloud Operations with AWS, Veeam and VMware
Presented with Veeam and VMware

Proper hybrid cloud integration is key but it brings its own set of challenges and requirements to achieve seamless operational capability. Hear from AWS, Veeam and VMware focusing on areas that are key to providing a level of service that will make investment in hybrid cloud really pay off.

VMware Cloud on AWS
Presented with VMware & Masterson

Learn about VMware Cloud on AWS, an integrated hybrid cloud offering jointly developed by AWS and VMware delivering a highly scalable, secure and innovative service that enables organizations to seamlessly migrate and extend their on-premises VMware vSphere-based environments to AWS.

VMware Cloud on AWS
Building Datalake and Analytic Platform on AWS
Presented with eCloudvalley
Learn how eCloudvalley leverages AWS services to build a scalable, managed and elastic data platform in 30+ data projects, transforming the traditional way of analytics with agility, cost-effectiveness and machine learning capabilities.
Building Data Lake and Analytic Platform on AWS
Migrating Existing Workloads to AWS
Presented with ASF Consultancy Limited

In this Webinar, ASF Consultancy Limited, AWS Advanced Consultancy Partner, will share how customers can deploy the Microsoft applications to the cloud in a safe and fast way.



Migrating Existing Workloads to AWS Webinar on-demand
AWS Direct Connect: Directly Connect Your Data Center to AWS Asia Pacific (Hong Kong) Region
Presented with Equinix

Learn about the two Hong Kong AWS Direct Connect locations. Equinix and AWS Direct Connect provide easy, secure and low-latency connections to AWS Cloud Services in key metro areas globally and in Hong Kong region

AWS Direct Connect: Your Dedicated Network Connection to AWS
Optimize Disaster Recovery on AWS
Presented with Veritas

Learn to increase organizational effectiveness and agility by transforming your operating strategy from disaster recovery (DR) to automated business resilience with Veritas, a platform that recovers applications across different hypervisors, operating systems and storage arrays.

Optimize Disaster Recovery on AWS (Level 200)

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