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This page lists documentation resources specific to using Hive on Amazon Elastic MapReduce.


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Tutorial and Use Cases

The following articles are tutorials focusing on particular use cases using Hive with Elastic MapReduce. They are good way to get started learning about Hive and Amazon ElasticMap Reduce.

Manuals and Release Notes

The Getting Started Guide and Developer's guides have specific sections on how to use Hive with Amazon Elastic MapReduce.

The following document explains how Hive has been extended with some new features when running inside Amazon Elastic MapReduce.

The following link is the Hadoop/Hive wiki which contains user and developer manuals for Hive as well as a manual for the Hive query language.


The forums are a good place to get help using Hive on Amazon Elastic MapReduce, or indeed help in general using any of the Amazon Elastic MapReduce features.

Tools and Libraries

The command line client can be used to create and control job flows from the command line. It also includes a Ruby library to programmatically create and control jobflows.

Support for creating and controlling jobflows from other languages such as Java, PHP, and Perl is provided at the following location.

Other Article's about Amazon Elastic MapReduce

These document contain more articles about the use of Amazon Elastic MapReduce.

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