Posted On: Feb 13, 2013

We have good news to share. Effective at the beginning of this month (February 1, 2013), Amazon RDS is lowering Multi-AZ deployment prices globally for MySQL and Oracle editions.

Amazon RDS Multi-AZ deployments offer enhanced availability for your production database workloads. When a database is run as a Multi-AZ deployment, Amazon RDS operates a standby instance which maintains an up-to-date copy of the primary database. In case of an instance, storage, or network failure, Amazon RDS automatically initiates a failover from the primary to the standby. This ensures minimal database availability impact to your application.

Today, many customers run production workloads on Amazon RDS as Multi-AZ deployments. However, we also know that there are many customers who‘ve wanted to run Amazon RDS Multi-AZ but haven’t been able to do so yet at the current price. So, we’re excited to lower our Amazon RDS Multi-AZ to make it even easier for customers to run production databases on Amazon RDS as Multi-AZ deployments.

For your quick reference, new pricing for an M1.Small instance for On-demand MySQL and Oracle (BYOL) Multi-AZ deployments is shown in table 1 below.

Table 1: Amazon RDS for MYSQL and Oracle BYOL On-Demand Multi-AZ Deployment Prices for M1.Small DB Instance

Region Old Price New Price Savings
US East (Northern Virginia) $0.180 $0.153 15%
US West (Northern California) $0.230 $0.167 27%
US West (Oregon) $0.180 $0.153 15%
AWS GovCloud (US) $0.240 $0.187 22%
Europe (Ireland) $0.230 $0.167 27%
Asia Pacific (Singapore) $0.230 $0.196 15%
Asia Pacific (Tokyo) $0.240 $0.204 15%
Asia Pacific (Sydney) $0.230 $0.196 15%
South America (Sao Paulo) $0.300 $0.204 32%

To learn more about Amazon RDS Multi-AZ and our new prices, please visit Amazon RDS .

The Amazon Relational Database Service Team