Posted On: Sep 5, 2013

We are excited to announce support for geospatial indexing on Amazon DynamoDB datasets. The library takes care of managing geohash indexes. Developers can use these indexes for fast and efficient execution of location-based queries over Amazon DynamoDB items representing points of interest (latitude/longitude pairs). Some features of this library are:

  • Query Support: Box queries return items that fall within a pair of geo points that define a rectangle as projected on a sphere. Radius queries return items that fall within a given distance from a geo point.
  • Life Cycle Operations: Create, retrieve, update, and delete geospatial data items.
  • Easy Integration: This library integrates with the AWS SDK for Java, making it easy to use from your existing Java applications on AWS.

To get you started, we have added an AWS Elastic Beanstalk application and a sample iOS project which you can get from GitHub. To learn more, visit Jeff Barr’s blog post and the AWS mobile tools page.