Posted On: Aug 10, 2017

AWS Marketplace is a curated software catalog which allows customers to instantly deploy over 3,800 third-party AMI, SaaS, and Desktop software solutions across 35 product categories. Starting today, AWS Marketplace customers can now analyze and control their costs and usage via AWS Cost Explorer, AWS Budgets, and the AWS Cost & Usage Report (“CUR”). 

Customers can now visualize their AWS Marketplace costs and usage in Cost Explorer, dive deeper into their usage patterns using the CUR, and set budgets on their AWS Marketplace costs and usage. To help customers get started analyzing AWS Marketplace costs and usage, Cost Explorer now provides the AWS Marketplace default report, which allows customers to track their overall spending patterns, both at a high level (e.g., view total cost and usage across all AWS Marketplace services) and for highly-specific requests (e.g., a certain AWS Marketplace service within a specific linked account for a particular region). From there, customers can use the CUR to dive deeper into their comprehensive cost and usage information and inspect their information at an hourly level of detail. Finally, customers can take action on their insights by setting budgets on specific aspects of their AWS Marketplace costs and usage, and receive alerts when they exceed (or are forecasted to exceed) their budgeted amount.  

To get started analyzing and managing your AWS Marketplace costs and usage, please access the AWS Cost Management webpages or the technical documentation.