Posted On: Dec 15, 2017

Amazon Inspector released an enhancement to the ‘Preview Targets’ functionality. Now you can easily see if an Amazon Inspector agent is installed on a targeted EC2 instance and the health status of that agent.

Previously, you could view a simple list of all EC2 instance ID’s that matched the Tag key and value that you are targeting in a security assessment. However, this list did not show if that instance had the Amazon Inspector agent installed, or if that agent was healthy.  

Now, the ‘Preview Targets’ functionality includes a detailed list of all instances the match your targeted Tags and displays the EC2 instance ID, instance hostname, IP address, and the status of the Inspector agent. This preview data is easily filtered or exported from the Inspector console. The ‘Preview Targets’ data can be accessed in the ‘Assessment targets’ or ‘Assessment templates’ sections of the Inspector console. The new, targeted instance information and agent status are also immediately available from the current PreviewAgents API query. 

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