Posted On: Oct 15, 2018

AWS Systems Manager Maintenance Window now allows you to set start and end dates, create Maintenance Windows in a specific time zone, and query the occurrence of the next Maintenance Window. With these improvements, you have greater control and visibility into your Maintenance Windows.

Previously, you were limited to UTC time zone for Maintenance Windows. Now, you can schedule disruptive maintenance actions in the local time zone of the region that your server is located in to minimize its impact on your business operations. You can also create a Maintenance Window based on your start date and end date, and all the task will be run in that duration.

AWS Systems Manager Maintenance Window lets you define a schedule to perform potentially disruptive actions on your instances such as patching an operating system, updating drivers, or installing software or patches.

For more details about this feature, visit our Documentation and to learn more about AWS Systems Manager, visit our Product Page.