Posted On: Nov 10, 2018

Amazon S3 announces Cross Region Replication for AWS GovCloud (US) Regions. Amazon S3’s Cross Region Replication (CRR) enables automatic and asynchronous replication of new objects between the AWS GovCloud (US) Regions for reduced latency, compliance, security, disaster recovery, and a number of other use cases.

Amazon S3 CRR replicates every object uploaded to your source bucket in one AWS GovCloud (US) Region to a destination bucket in the second AWS GovCloud (US) Region. The metadata, Access Control Lists (ACL), and object tags associated with the object are also part of the replication. Once you configure CRR on your source bucket, any changes to the data, metadata, ACLs, or object tags on the object trigger a new replication to the destination bucket. Amazon S3 now supports replication between AWS GovCloud (US-West) and AWS GovCloud (US-East) Regions (data cannot be replicated to any other AWS Region from AWS GovCloud (US) Regions).

Amazon S3 Cross Region Replication is now available in AWS GovCloud (US-West) and AWS GovCloud (US-East) Regions.

To learn more about Amazon S3 Cross Region Replication, please visit the Amazon S3 Developer Guide.

Learn more about the AWS GovCloud (US) here or contact the AWS GovCloud (US) team with any questions.