Posted On: Mar 28, 2019

AWS Database Migration Service (DMS) is excited to announce the launch of engine version 3.1.3. The latest version offers enhanced data transformation capabilities, supports Parquet file format, and adds a variety of data lake improvements, to make migrations simpler, and more efficient for its customers.

Here are a few highlights from the launch:

1. Data transformation enhancements: With the newly added data transformation capabilities, DMS now offers an improved way to handle table and schema migrations. You can now change schema, table and column names during migration using explicit selections, specify name of the tablespace in which you want the table or table index to be created for an Oracle target, and update the primary key and unique key for a table on any supported target.

2. Support for Parquet file format: DMS now supports Apache Parquet format (.parquet) when migrating data to Amazon S3 (S3), for more compact storage and faster queries. The new format is supported for both full load and change data capture (CDC) 

3. Support for encrypting S3 Objects using AWS KMS Keys: You can create and use custom AWS KMS keys to encrypt your data in S3, when replicating to S3 and Amazon Redshift targets.

4. Support for S3 tagging: You can tag S3 objects to organize your storage better. Tagging can be done by specifying appropriate JSON rules as part of task-table mapping rules.

For the full list, please refer to AWS DMS release notes, which includes detailed information about features and bug fixes for this and previous versions of DMS replication engines. For submitting a new feature request or providing general feedback, please click the feedback button at the bottom-left corner of your DMS console page.