Posted On: Apr 30, 2019

You can now use a single property setting in the AWS Serverless Application Model (AWS SAM) to control access using IAM permissions for all paths and methods of an Amazon API Gateway API. In addition, you can now configure custom responses for your APIs using simple AWS SAM syntax.  

With this release, AWS SAM now supports authorization for your Amazon API Gateway APIs using IAM permissions, in addition to previously supported Amazon Cognito User Pools and Lambda Authorizers. For more details on how to use API Gateway Authorizers and API Gateway Responses within your SAM applications, review the Authorizers and Gateway Responses section of the specification. To learn more about Amazon API Gateway please review our documentation here

AWS SAM extends AWS CloudFormation to provide a simplified way of defining the Amazon API Gateway APIs, AWS Lambda functions, and Amazon DynamoDB tables required by your serverless applications. SAM is available under the Apache 2.0 license. Anyone can adopt and incorporate SAM into build, deployment, monitoring, and management tools with a commercial-friendly license. To learn how to build serverless applications using SAM, visit our documentation and check out the model on GitHub.

AWS SAM is available in all regions where AWS Lambda is available. For more information on where Lambda is available, see the AWS Region Table.

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