Last updated: June 21, 2018

Amazon CloudFront, Amazon Route 53AWS Firewall ManagerAWS Shield, and AWS WAF services are offered at AWS Edge Locations:

Edge Locations      
North America South America Europe / Middle East / Africa Asia Pacific
United States      
Atlanta, GA (3)
Rio de Janeiro, Brazil (2) Amsterdam, The Netherlands (2) Bangalore, India
Ashburn, VA (3) São Paulo, Brazil (2) Berlin, Germany Chennai, India (2)
Boston, MA   Dublin, Ireland Hong Kong SAR, China (3)
Chicago, IL(2)   Frankfurt, Germany (6) Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
Dallas/Fort Worth, TX (4)   Helsinki, Finland Manila, The Philippines
Denver, CO   Johannesburg, South Africa Melbourne, Australia
Hayward, CA   London, England (5) Mumbai, India (2)
Jacksonville, FL   Madrid, Spain (2) New Delhi, India
Los Angeles, CA (3)   Manchester, England Osaka, Japan
Miami, FL (2)   Marseille, France Perth, Australia
Minneapolis, MN   Milan, Italy Seoul, Korea (4)
New York, NY (3)   Munich, Germany Singapore (3)
Newark, NJ (2)   Palermo, Italy Sydney, Australia
Palo Alto, CA   Paris, France (3) Taipei, Taiwan (2)
Phoenix, AZ   Prague, Czech Republic Tokyo, Japan (8)
Philadelphia, PA
  Stockholm, Sweden (3)  
San Jose, CA   Vienna, Austria  
Seattle, WA (3)   Warsaw, Poland  
South Bend, IN   Zurich, Switzerland  
St. Louis, MO      
Montreal, QC      
Toronto, ON      
Regional Edge Caches
Northern Virginia São Paulo, Brazil Frankfurt, Germany Mumbai, India
  London, England Seoul, Korea
Oregon     Singapore
      Sydney, Australia
      Tokyo, Japan

The service operator and provider for AWS China (Beijing) Region based out of Beijing and adjacent areas is Beijing Sinnet Technology Co., Ltd. (Sinnet). And the service operator and provider for AWS (Ningxia) Region based out of Ningxia is Ningxia Western Cloud Data Technology Co., Ltd. (NWCD).

Customers who wish to use the China Regions are required to sign up for a separate set of account credentials unique to China services. Customers with existing AWS credentials will not be able to access resources in the China Regions, and vice versa. Please request an AWS (China) account at

The Asia Pacific (Osaka) Local Region is a Local Region, which is a new type of region that comprises an isolated, fault-tolerant infrastructure design located within a single datacenter. The Asia Pacific (Osaka) Local Region consists of one Availability Zone and is intended to be used in conjunction with the Asia Pacific (Tokyo) Region. This region requires that customers request access through a sales representative.

AWS Identity and Access Management (IAM) users can only be created and managed in the US East (N. Virginia) or GovCloud regions. IAM users created in the US East region can be used to access AWS services in all regions except the GovCloud Region. IAM users created in the GovCloud region can only be used to access AWS services in the GovCloud region.

For more information about IAM, please see the IAM detail page.

AWS Mobile Hub can only be managed in the US East (N. Virginia). Mobile Hub in the US East region can be used to manage AWS services in the regions shown in the table above.

For more information about AWS Mobile Hub, please see the AWS Mobile Hub detail page.

AWS Organizations can only be managed in the US East (N. Virginia). An Organization and Organizational Unit (OU) created in the US East region can be used to manage AWS services in all regions except the GovCloud, Beijing, and Ningxia regions.

For more information about AWS Organizations, please see the AWS Organizations detail page.

AWS Support is available in all regions, including AWS GovCloud (US). As an AWS GovCloud (US) customer, you have access to AWS Support engineers 24 hours a day by email, chat, and phone. AWS GovCloud (US) protected resources are accessible only by ITAR-vetted and trained support engineers residing within the US. Non-ITAR-vetted support engineers residing outside the US can assist with basic support cases and escalate to US-based, ITAR-vetted support engineers for assistance with protected resources.

For more information about AWS Support in AWS GovCloud (US), see the AWS GovCloud (US) & Support FAQs page and click the “Support” link at the top of the page.

AWS Systems Manager launched in November 2017, adding resource groups and insights to Amazon EC2 Systems Manager capabilities. Amazon EC2 Systems Manager capabilities are available through the EC2 console or APIs in the regions listed for AWS Systems Manager plus AWS GovCloud (US) and China (Beijing) Region operated by Sinnet.

For more information, please visit the Accessing Systems Manager section of the documentation.