Last updated: February 20, 2017

Amazon CloudFront, Amazon Route 53, AWS Shield, and AWS WAF services are offered at AWS Edge Locations:

Edge Locations      
North America South America Europe / Middle East / Africa Asia Pacific
United States      
Atlanta, GA (2)
Rio de Janeiro, Brazil Amsterdam, The Netherlands (2) Chennai, India
Ashburn, VA (3) São Paulo, Brazil (2) Berlin, Germany Hong Kong, China (3)
Chicago, IL   Dublin, Ireland Manila, the Philippines
Dallas/Fort Worth, TX (2)   Frankfurt, Germany (5) Melbourne, Australia
Hayward, CA   London, England (4) Mumbai, India (2)
Jacksonville, FL   Madrid, Spain New Delhi, India
Los Angeles, CA (2)   Marseille, France Osaka, Japan
Miami, FL   Milan, Italy Seoul, Korea (3)
Minneapolis, MN   Munich, Germany
Singapore (2)
New York, NY (3)   Paris, France (2) Sydney, Australia
Newark, NJ   Stockholm, Sweden Taipei, Taiwan
Palo Alto, CA   Vienna, Austria Tokyo, Japan (3)
San Jose, CA   Warsaw, Poland  
Seattle, WA      
South Bend, IN      
St. Louis, MO      
Montreal, QC      
Toronto, ON      
Regional Edge Caches
Northern Virginia São Paulo, Brazil Frankfurt, Germany Mumbai, India
Oregon     Seoul, Korea
      Sydney, Australia
      Tokyo, Japan

The China (Beijing) region was launched in early 2014. China-based and multinational companies with customers in China are currently being invited to use the AWS China (Beijing) region operated by Sinnet. Customers who wish to use AWS resources in China are required to create a 亚马逊 AWS Account, a set of credentials that are distinct and separate from other global AWS Accounts. Only customers with a 亚马逊 AWS Account will be able to use AWS resources in the AWS China (Beijing) region operated by Sinnet.

Request an account at

AWS Identity and Access Management (IAM) users can only be created and managed in the US East (N. Virginia) or GovCloud regions. IAM users created in the US East region can be used to access AWS services in all regions except the GovCloud Region. IAM users created in the GovCloud region can only be used to access AWS services in the GovCloud region.

For more information about IAM, please see the IAM detail page.