Wavelength embeds AWS storage and compute inside telecommunication providers’ 5G networks to help developers build applications for mobile end-users and wireless edge devices with single-digit millisecond latencies. Wavelength extends the AWS cloud to a global network of 5G edge locations to enable developers to innovate and build a whole new class of applications that require ultra-low latency.

Compute and Storage

Wavelength offers a selection of Amazon EC2 instance families as well as Amazon EBS volumes for persistent local block storage.


You can extend Amazon VPCs in an account to span multiple Availability Zones, including Wavelength Zones. Amazon EC2 instances and related services will appear as part of your regional VPC.

AWS Services

AWS Services on Wavelength Zones

AWS services including Amazon EC2, Amazon ECS, and Amazon EKS can be launched locally in Wavelength Zones, with more services to be added in the future.

Access Regional Services

You can seamlessly connect to the other application services and business logic running in AWS regions, allowing you to build and deliver applications that span from the cloud to the edge and offer single-digit millisecond latencies to end users and edge devices.

AWS Tools

AWS tools such as AWS CloudFormation, Amazon CloudWatch, AWS CloudTrail, and others can be used to run and manage workloads in Wavelength Zones as they do for Cloud workloads today.

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