AWS Support

Accelerate business outcomes in the cloud

Scale, optimize costs, and accelerate value from cloud investment with proactive planning capabilities.

Improve uptime and secure your cloud environment though incident management programs, expedited response times, and workload diagnostics.

Monitor the health of your environment through automated alerts that help you avoid disruption and accelerate remediation.

Experienced Cloud Engineers, Subject Matter Experts, and Customer Service uniquely partner with you in the long term to accelerate success.

AWS Support offers much more than traditional IT break-fix. In addition to accelerating your recovery from operational disruptions, we provide you with proactive planning and communications, advisory, automation, and cloud expertise to help you achieve business outcomes with increased speed and scale in the cloud. Our Support engineering team is trained in all technical domains covered by AWS, and is available to provide you with general guidance, how-to advice, best practice help, troubleshooting, and operational support.

AWS Support leverages the knowledge and insights of AWS- the world’s most broadly adopted cloud platform with more than 200 services and millions of customers- to offer you strategic guidance to succeed in the cloud.

Coinbase Proactively Prevents Incidents with AWS Support


Proactive Planning

Planning capabilities help customers optimize the configuration of their infrastructure to scale, avoid problems, and accelerate value from cloud investment. Architectural reviews for Enterprise and Enterprise-on-Ramp customers improve performance in six areas: operational excellence, security, reliability, efficiency, cost-optimization, and sustainability. Launch and event planning provide strategic guidance for business-critical events. Proactive Services can fit customers’ unique needs with targeted workshops and operational game days.


AWS Support tools such as AWS Trusted Advisor help you follow AWS best practices by inspecting your AWS environment with automated checks and providing recommendations when opportunities exist to optimize costs, improve performance, increase security, and monitor service quotas. Organizations that leverage our programs, dashboards, and workload diagnostics are more likely to improve uptime and secure their cloud environments. Customers enjoy the benefits of incident management programs, including rapid response times for business-critical failures, workshops to reduce high-severity incidents altogether, and tools to monitor support cases.

Operations Automation

Monitor your environment with automated alerts that help you avoid disruption and accelerate remediation. AWS Support Automation Workflows enable you to diagnose and resolve common Support issues following AWS best practices. AWS Incident Detection and Response and AWS Managed Service are available for an additional fee with Enterprise Support, offering proactive monitoring and incident management capabilities. AWS Health provides information about the health of your AWS resources that can impact the availability of your applications, including service events, planned changes to your AWS environment, and account information so that you can take actions to mitigate downtime.

Cloud Expertise

We solve difficult problems for the largest customers, across a range of industries. We leverage our learnings to continuously improve and fine-tune our tooling to deliver world-class service. Customer service and subject matter experts partner with you in the long term to accelerate success. We offer a range of plans that provide value and meet you at every stage of your cloud journey. Our cloud support engineers and subject matter experts provide guidance and find you the right AWS teams and services to engage. Leverage the knowledge of our experts to spend less time on undifferentiated tasks, and more time on higher value activities that drive innovation for your business.

Support plans

Developer Support

Developer Support is designed for testing or early development on AWS for students, occasional users, and experimenters who require query support.

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Business Support

Business Support is the minimum recommended AWS Support tier if you have production workloads on AWS and need 24x7 access to technical support in the context of your specific use-cases.

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Enterprise On-Ramp

We recommend Enterprise On-Ramp if you have production/business critical workloads in AWS and want 24x7 access to technical support from engineers, access to Health API, consultative architectural guidance, and a pool of Technical Account Managers (TAMs) to coordinate access to AWS subject matter experts.

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Enterprise Support

We recommend Enterprise Support if you have business and/or mission critical workloads in AWS. With Enterprise Support, you get 24/7 technical support from high-quality engineers, tools and technology to automatically manage health of your environment. You will also get access to a Technical Account Manager (TAM) who will provide consultative architectural and operational guidance delivered in the context of your applications and use-cases to help you achieve the greatest value from AWS.

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