Forrester Total Economic Impact™ of AWS Managed Services (54:32)

Learn about the Forrester framework to evaluate the financial impact of working with AWS Managed Services covering benefits, costs, risk, and flexibility.   


Working Backwards from an Accelerated Data Center Migration (44:22)

It is expected that by 2025, 80% of enterprises will plan to shut down their data centers, versus 10% today. Learn common migration issues and solutions to accelerate your data center exit.                                      

Migrate and Transform Line of Business Applications (40:01)

82% of CEOs have a digital business transformation effort underway, yet 70% of such initiatives fail to achieve their stated goals. Learn how AWS Managed Services can help. 


Accelerate Cloud Adoption and Reduce Operational Risk with AWS Managed Services (38:05)

Learn how AMS accelerates your migration to AWS, reduces your operating costs, improves security and compliance, and enables you to focus on your differentiating business priorities.

Driving Successful Cloud Migration Using Minimum Viable Refactoring (55:34)

Learn about the minimum amount of refactoring needed to maintain operational excellence after migration. Experts share common customer issues and specific patterns for addressing them quickly and effectively.

De-risking Enterprise Migration with AWS Managed Services (50:05)

Learn how AWS Managed Services helps remove migration risks by taking full responsibility for successful operational, security and compliance outcomes for your AWS infrastructure.

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Whitepapers and reports

Forrester Total Economic Impact™ of AWS Managed Services

February 2020

Overview of business benefits and cost savings enabled by AWS Managed Services.

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451 Research: Removing the Burden of Infrastructure Ops

September 2018

Analysis on how AWS Managed Services is progressing in the market.

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Introduction to AWS Managed Services

Learn how AWS Managed Services provides full-lifecycle services to provision, run, and support your infrastructure.