Posted On: Mar 16, 2021

Accelerate is a new operations plan from AWS Managed Services (AMS) that offers operations support for customers with existing workloads, with new planned workloads, or migrating to AWS. AMS Accelerate provides operational services such as monitoring, incident management, security, patch, and backup to help you with day-to-day operations management so that your teams can focus on business transformation in the cloud.
AMS Accelerate gives you the full freedom to use, configure, and deploy all AWS services as you always have, while AMS provides operations checks, and automations to help you operate AWS more efficiently and securely. AMS Accelerate customers are designated a Cloud Service Delivery Manager and Cloud Architect to help achieve operational excellence on AWS. With AMS Accelerate, you can choose the right level of operations assistance for your organization. You decide the AWS accounts you want AMS to operate, and the service level agreement (SLAs) tiers that fit your workload. You can also extend AMS Accelerate with a patching add-on for your Amazon EC2 based workloads or Operations on Demand, an AMS service feature that provides access to cloud experts in hourly blocks for help with one-time or recurring custom operational activities such as disaster recovery game days, well architected reviews, or operations for non-standard environments.
AWS Managed Services operations plans are designed to help you achieve your operational goals on AWS. Whether you are getting started in the cloud, looking to augment your existing AWS team, or requiring a long-term operational solution, AMS consistently applies proven practices that help scale your team, optimize costs, increase security and efficiency, and improve resiliency to meet corporate controls and compliance standards.
AMS Accelerate is generally available in all regions supported by AWS Managed services. See the Region Table for the latest updates. For more information about AMS Accelerate, visit the AMS webpage and Documentation.