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AWS Amplify

Build a Flutter Mobile App Using AWS Amplify

Follow a step-by-step how-to guide to create a trip planner app for iOS and Android

Build an Event-driven Application in the Cloud

Three-part video to create an app using Lambda, API Gateway, and Amazon SQS

Build a Basic Web Application

Work through incremental steps, starting from hosting a static web app, then adding serverless functions, an API Gateway, and a database

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java programming language
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Tools, docs, and sample code to develop applications on the AWS cloud.
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Check out several ways to extend the capabilities of your application.

Connect Your Data

Choose the right database to store your data
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Machine Learning

AI & ML Services

Integrate AI & ML services with your application
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Architecture Guidance for Containers

Browse best practices for deploying and managing your containers on AWS
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Infrastructure as Code

Define your infrastructure using familiar programming languages
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Continuous Delivery

Continuously build, integrate, and deliver with an end-to-end pipeline
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Monitoring & Logging

Observability for your AWS resources and applications
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