AWS Developer Support

We recommend Developer Support if you are testing or doing early development on AWS and want the ability to get technical support during business hours as well as general architectural guidance as you build and test. In addition to what is available with Basic Support, Developer Support provides:

AWS Trusted Advisor - Access to the 7 core Trusted Advisor checks and guidance to provision your resources following best practices to help reduce costs, increase performance and fault tolerance, and improve security.

AWS Personal Health Dashboard - A personalized view of the health of AWS services, and alerts when your resources are impacted. Also includes the Health API for integration with your existing management systems.

Technical Support - Business hours* access to Cloud Support Engineers via email. One named contact can open an unlimited amount of cases. Response times are as follows:

  • General Guidance - < 24 business hours
  • System Impaired - < 12 business hours

Architecture Support – General guidance on how services can be used for various use cases, workloads, or applications.


Greater of $29 / month*

- or -

3% of monthly AWS usage. See pricing detail and sample.

* Plans are subject to a 30 day minimum term.