Optimize cloud deployments, improve resilience, and address security gaps

AWS Trusted Advisor Priority helps you focus on the most important recommendations to optimize your cloud deployments, improve resilience, and address security gaps. Available to AWS Enterprise Support customers, Trusted Advisor Priority provides prioritized and context-driven recommendations that come from your AWS account team as well as machine-generated checks from AWS services.

Customers and their Technical Account Managers (TAMs) can keep track of the recommendation lifecycle and history from the creation of a recommendation to its acceptance, resolution, or rejection. You can use Trusted Advisor Priority to view and search recommendations for all member accounts in your organization.

Overview of AWS Trusted Advisor Priority (3:22)


Prioritized recommendations

Prioritize recommendations across your AWS accounts to help you focus on critical recommendations.

Closed-loop feedback tracking

Track, accept, reject, or resolve recommendations with your AWS account team using a closed-loop collaboration mechanism.

Multi-account views

Aggregate information from your AWS accounts to provide an overall risk posture across your business.

Historical views of actions taken

Review at any point in time actions taken across your AWS accounts.

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