Technology and Programs

Tools to Monitor, Manage, and Optimize Your AWS Environment

AWS Support technology and programs help you manage and monitor your environment to ensure performance and cost optimization, manage security and downtime risks, and automate remediation of issues to the extent possible.

AWS offers several tools to help you monitor your environment’s health and compliance with best practices. With these tools, you can save time by automating responses to alerts and notifications and integrating with other management systems you may be using.

For Enterprise Support and Enterprise On-Ramp customers who are running business critical workloads on AWS, we offer proactive Support programs designed to maximize your ability to succeed. Business Support customers can access programs such as Infrastructure Event Management for an additional fee.

Learn how mapbox uses Infrastructure Event Management to plan and scale appropriately (1:40)


AWS Health Dashboard

AWS Health Dashboard is the single place to learn about the availability and operations of AWS services. You can view the overall status of AWS services, and you can sign in to view personalized communications about your particular AWS account or accounts that are part of your organization. Your account view provides insight into resource issues, upcoming changes, and important notifications.

AWS Trusted Advisor

AWS Trusted Advisor provides real time guidance to help you provision your resources following AWS best practices. Trusted Advisor checks help optimize your AWS infrastructure, increase security and performance, reduce your overall costs, and monitor service limits.

AWS Trusted Advisor Priority

AWS Trusted Advisor Priority helps you focus on the most important recommendations to optimize your cloud deployments, improve resilience, and address security gaps. Available to AWS Enterprise Support customers, Trusted Advisor Priority provides prioritized and context-driven recommendations that come from your AWS account team as well as machine-generated checks from AWS services.

AWS Health API

AWS Health API provides programmatic access to the AWS Health information that is presented in the Personal Health Dashboard. You can use API operations to get information about events that affect your AWS resources.


Launch and event planning

AWS Infrastructure Event Management (IEM) offers architecture and scaling guidance and operational support during the preparation and execution of planned events such as shopping holidays, product launches, or migrations.

Architectural reviews

Architectural reviews with AWS Solutions Architects are included with Enterprise Support. AWS Well-Architected helps cloud architects build secure, high-performing, resilient, and efficient infrastructure for their applications and workloads. This framework provides a consistent approach for customers and partners to evaluate architectures and implement designs that can scale over time.

Proactive services

Proactive services delivered by AWS Support experts are included with Enterprise Support. These services help you review the health of your cloud operations, optimize costs, and scale workloads efficiently through workload reviews, best practices workshops, and deep dives.

AWS Support Automation Workflows

AWS Support Automation Workflow is a collection of curated AWS Systems Manager self-service automation runbooks. These runbooks are created by AWS Support Engineering with best practices learned from solving customer issues. They enable you to troubleshoot, diagnose, and remediate common issues with your AWS resources.

Incident Management

AWS Incident Detection and Response

AWS Incident Detection and Response is an add-on to Enterprise Support that offers 24x7 proactive monitoring and incident management for selected workloads. AWS Incident Detection and Response leverages the proven operational, enhanced monitoring, and incident management capabilities used internally by AWS teams and externally by AWS Managed Services (AMS).