AWS Partner-Led Support

AWS Partners assist customers with a range of products and services including providing technical support. As a customer of an AWS Partner, you may choose to add support using either Partner-Led Support or Resold Support.

Partner-Led Support enables the AWS Partner to act as the customer’s sole point of contact for technical support. The customer doesn’t contact AWS directly for technical assistance. If the AWS Partner cannot resolve a customer’s issue, their support partner can use the partner’s Business or Enterprise support plans to get guidance from AWS to help resolve their customer’s issue.

Resold Support allows an AWS Partner’s customer to interact with AWS Support directly using Business or Enterprise Support. The AWS Partner is not responsible for handling technical inquiries, but they must make sure the customer can contact AWS Support through the AWS Support Center. As a reseller the Partner provides support for non-technical customer inquiries (for example, billing and account management questions).

Why should I choose to work with an AWS Partner?
AWS Partners will provide proactive guidance and best-practices, as well as offer additional products and services as part of their support offering. Each AWS Partner differentiates their Partner-Led Support offering in their own way. It is important to consult with your AWS Partner to review their support options, contact methods, and response times.

What support will I receive from an AWS Partner?
AWS Partners can participate in the Partner-Led Support program at the Business or Enterprise Support levels. The level at which the AWS Partner participates affects what support they receive from AWS, and does not indicate what support they extend to their customers. AWS Partners leverage Partner-Led Support to build their own support offerings, as they do not pass directly through to their customers.

What level of access will I need to provide to the AWS Partner?
Partner-Led Support requires that customers allow their AWS Partner to access their AWS accounts to provide support, and to open support cases to AWS on their behalf when necessary. Customers must request support from their AWS Partner, and will not have direct access to AWS Support, including access to an AWS Technical Account Manager (TAM), or to open support cases directly to AWS. Customers will not be able to contact AWS Support directly, and all requests will be serviced by the AWS Partner.

AWS Solution Providers offer a range of services which may include the following: 

Local Language Support

A wide range of support for customers in their local languages

Industry Focused Support

Support for a variety of industries with specialized requirements

Application Expertise

Managed and best-practice deployments of common application stacks

Hands-On Support

Fully managed service offerings allowing customers to focus on their core business

Cost Optimization

Managed Reserved Instance and Savings Plans to help optimize customer savings

Onsite Support

Options to bring technical engineers on site to collaborate on architectures and to provide support

AWS Partners may find more information about Partner-Led Support on AWS Partner Central under the AWS Solution Provider Program.

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