AWS Partner-Led Support

Why AWS Support?

AWS Partner-Led Support (PLS) empowers you to offer high quality support, leveraging specialized tooling and knowledge built on the experience of AWS Support. PLS allows you to rapidly resolve common issues, and provides you with premium access to AWS resources on behalf of your customers when required. Monitor the health of your customer environments by leveraging automated alerts that help you avoid disruption and accelerate issue remediation, along with guidance to monitor support cases, and best-practices for engaging with AWS Support.


Learn the latest best practices with a curated training plan that offers troubleshooting lessons on frequently escalated issues for our most widely adopted AWS services.

Accelerate customer issue resolution with secure access to AWS Diagnostic Tools used by AWS Support.

Scalable pricing as you grow your AWS footprint, with the opportunity to showcase Backed by AWS Support to help customers easily identify partners who offer AWS Partner-Led Support.

24/7 premium access to AWS experts, including AWS specialist Technical Account Managers (TAMs), a 15-minute case response time for high severity issues, and a concierge service to address your specific account and billing needs.

Proactive Reviews

Proactive planning

The Service Desk Review improves your ability to support your customers successfully. TAMs collaborate with you to create an incident response plan for escalations. This includes a plan for significant business impacting support cases. TAMs provide case reporting, ongoing training, and guidance on the use of AWS Diagnostic Tools to help you improve customer case resolution. In addition, TAMs assist you to check that the right IAM role privileges are available on your customers' accounts. This helps you ensure you have the right level of access in place to effectively support your customer when an incident occurs.

Partner Security Reviews

Partner Security Reviews provide an opportunity to review a single consolidated report across the spectrum of AWS Well-Architected Security Pillars for all of your customer organizations. Leverage AWS security best practices, together with AWS Services, to help you proactively protect data, systems, and assets. Identify and remediate security gaps, and reduce the frequency and severity of customer-level security incidents using AWS best practices.

Technical Account Management

Consultative Guidance

TAMs provide operational guidance to help you and your customers achieve the greatest value from AWS. TAMs provide tailored engagements like Strategic Business Reviews, a Security Improvement Program, and a range of proactive services and training to help you enhance your business. They consult on governance, security, operations, cost optimization, and other key pillars for building on AWS.

Access to subject matter experts

TAMs, Cloud Support Engineers, Solutions Architects, and AWS service teams are available to you to provide guidance and help as needed. The AWS Trust & Safety team assists you when your customers’ AWS resources are used to engage in abusive behaviors, such as spam, port scanning, denial-of-service (DoS) attacks, or malware.

Technical and Billing Support

24x7 access to Cloud Support Engineers is available via phone, chat, and web. Response times for business critical system down is under 15 minutes, production system down is less than an hour, production system impaired is less than 4 hours, system impaired is under 12 hours, while general guidance is within 24 hours.

AWS billing and account experts specialize in working with you to implement best practices for managing your end customer fleet across both single-tenant and multi-tenant organizations.

Get guidance, configuration, and troubleshooting of your customers’ AWS interoperability issues with many common operating systems, platforms, and application stack components.

Self-Service Support