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Get Started
Explore AWS fundamentals before launching your first .NET application.
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Learn AWS’s broadest and deepest set of services for .NET developers.
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AWS offers IDE tookits, CLI tools, SDKs, libraries, and assistive modernization tools to streamline .NET on AWS development.
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Explore tutorials, hands-on training, and videos to build .NET on AWS.
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View the .NET 6 Support on AWS Guide for latest status

This guide describes .NET 6 support provided by AWS services and tools. The guide will be updated as new support is added. 

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Request AWS Credit for your Open Source Project

You can now request AWS credit if you are working on a .NET open source project.

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.NET Enterprise Developer Days 2022

At .NET Enterprise Developer Days 2022, you'll learn about developing & modernizing .NET applications on AWS. Register now for this free event September 7-8 in Austin TX, or September 13-14 (virtual), and also get free access to DeveloperWeek Cloud.

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