.NET on AWS Documentation & Developer Guides

Developer Book
Developing on AWS with C#

Authors Noah Gift, founder of Pragmatic AI Labs, and James Charlesworth, engineering manager at Pendo, take you through the depth and breadth of .NET development on AWS.

Monolith to Microservice Journey for .NET Apps
Monolith to Microservice for .NET

This technical guide covers considerations for refactoring a monolithic ASP.NET application into a microservice-based architecture.

.NET Developer's Guide to AWS Documentation
Monolith to Microservice for .NET
AWS documentation for .NET is vast and located in different repositories depending on the subject and delivery method of the content. This blog post walks you through the roadmap of AWS documentation and other important technical content for .NET developers and introduces the locations you should visit to answer all of your .NET related questions.
AWS Modernization Tools for Microsoft Workloads Reference Guide
Monolith to Microservice for .NET
This guide is intended for architects and developers who are exploring modernizing Microsoft Workloads (.NET applications and SQL Server databases) to AWS. It provides guidance on the AWS modernization tools and recommended approaches to help you accelerate your journey to cloud.
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