Modernize .NET Workloads on AWS

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AWS has supported .NET workloads since 2008. Today, both legacy .NET Framework applications on Windows and modern .NET applications on Linux run on AWS. By modernizing your .NET workloads on AWS you can reduce cost, take advantage of containers and serverless, and move to microservices and cloud-native architectures. Our assistive modernization tools do the heavy lifting and reduce manual effort.

Use Cases

.NET Framework on Windows Containers

Easily migrate your .NET Framework applications to Windows Containers and host them on AWS container services. The App2Container tool containerizes your application and deploys to Amazon ECS or Amazon EKS.

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Port .NET Framework to .NET 6+ on Linux

Port your .NET Framework applications to modern .NET and save on licensing costs by running on Linux. Use the AWS Toolkit for .NET Refactoring or the Porting Assistant for .NET tool to jumpstart your porting effort.

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Decompose monolith to microservices

Refactor to microservices-based architecture composed of small independent services. Progressively extract microservices from your monolith with AWS Microservice Extractor for .NET, with AI-powered recommendations.

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Monolith to Microservice Journey for .NET Applications

Modernize SQL Server to Amazon Aurora

Move from SQL Server to open source Amazon Aurora and save on license costs. Use the Babelfish for Aurora PostgreSQL tool to migrate to Aurora with little or no code changes to your SQL Server application.

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.NET Modernization Tools

AWS App2Container

AWS App2Container is a command line tool that containerizes your applications. It automatically generates a container image configured with the correct dependencies, network configurations, and deployment instructions for Amazon ECS or Amazon EKS.

AWS Toolkit for .NET Refactoring

The AWS Toolkit for .NET Refactoring is a Visual Studio extension that helps you refactor legacy .NET applications to cloud-based alternatives on AWS. It provides a compatibility assessment report and helps port your code.

Porting Assistant for .NET

Porting Assistant for .NET is an open source tool that quickly scans .NET Framework applications to identify incompatibilities with .NET Core, finds known replacements, and generates a detailed compatibility assessment to jump-start your porting efforts.

AWS Microservice Extractor for .NET

An assistive tool that serves as an advisor to assess and visualize monolithic code and recommend microservice candidates, using AI and heuristics. Microservice Extractor also serves as a robotic builder to simplify microservices extraction.

Microsoft Workloads Modernization Tools

AWS Modernization Calculator for Microsoft Workloads

This calculator helps you estimate the cost of modernizing your Microsoft workloads to a new architecture, using open-source software and cloud-native services on AWS.

Babelfish for Aurora PostgreSQL

Babelfish for Aurora PostgreSQL enables Amazon Aurora PostgreSQL-Compatible Edition to understand commands from applications written for Microsoft SQL Server. You get accelerated, cost-effective migration.

AWS Schema Conversion Tool

AWS Schema Conversion Tool (SCT) simplifies database migrations by automating schema analysis, recommendations, and conversion at scale. It converts views, SPs, & functions, and converts embedded SQL in code.

AWS Database Migration Service

AWS Database Migration Service is a managed migration and replication service that helps move your database and analytics workloads to AWS quickly, securely, and with minimal downtime and zero data loss.

AWS Migration Hub Strategy Recommendations

MHSR helps you plan migration and modernization initiatives by offering strategy recommendations for viable transformation paths for your applications.

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