AWS Toolkit for .NET Refactoring

Expedite your .NET modernization journey

AWS Toolkit for .NET Refactoring scans your legacy .NET applications and suggests replacement configurations to refactor it for Linux environments.

Assists with making changes to project reference files and Windows dependency configurations to reduce guesswork and manual effort.

Helps you validate code changes by providing the option to run on AWS directly from Visual Studio.

AWS Toolkit for .NET Refactoring is a Visual Studio extension that reduces the time and effort required for developers to refactor legacy .NET applications to cloud-based alternatives on AWS. It assesses the application source code to recommend possible modernization pathways such as porting to .NET Core, identifies Windows-specific IIS and Active Directory dependency configurations, performs code modifications where possible to enable Linux compatibility, and helps validate the refactored application on AWS services - all without leaving Visual Studio IDE. It eliminates the burden of learning multiple tools or working across multiple interfaces, removes the guesswork in application refactoring, and expedites the modernization journey with AWS.

The AWS Toolkit for .NET Refactoring is available as a Visual Studio IDE extension for Visual Studio 2019 and Visual Studio 2022.

How it works

AWS Toolkit for .NET Refactoring helps developers refactor legacy .NET applications to cloud-based alternatives on AWS.

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