AWS Managed Services Operations on Demand

Operations on Demand allows AWS Managed Services (AMS) customers to gain one-time or recurring access to additional AMS operations capacity, skills, and experience. The work performed by Operations on Demand is above and beyond the extensive scope provided by your AMS Operations Plan, and customers can choose from a curated and continually expanding catalog of operational offerings that includes a mix of short-term and ongoing operational use cases. Once selected, the catalog offering is delivered by a combination of automation and highly skilled AMS resources. There are no long term commitments or additional contracts, allowing you to extend your existing AMS and AWS operations team and capabilities as needed.


Curated catalog

Select from our catalog of standardized offerings and initiate a new Operations on Demand engagement through a service request. Examples of Operations on Demand offerings include assisting with the maintenance of Amazon Elastic Kubernetes Service, operations of AWS Control Tower, management of SAP clusters, and performing in-place upgrades of instances running out-of-support operating systems. New catalog offerings are added regularly based on demand and the operational use cases we see most often, and we can evaluate specific customer requests that align to our capabilities.

Operational expertise

Our engineers are best in class and have experience across operations, security, systems engineering, and cloud architecture. They know how to utilize AWS services to achieve your business outcomes, and how you can use those capabilities to achieve operational excellence in the cloud. These same resources are also responsible for creating and iterating our catalog offerings, allowing them to continually improve operational outcomes for customers.

Pay for what you use

Purchase blocks of hours that can be used with any of our existing catalog offerings. Catalog offerings can be requested via a service request with no additional contracts required. If you need more help during a single month, you can purchase additional blocks as necessary, and scale back during a month when you don’t. Blocks are billed monthly, and you can stop using Operations on Demand at any time.

Availability of Operations on Demand

Operations on Demand is available for both AMS Advanced and Accelerate Operations Plans and is available in all regions where AMS is available.