Posted On: Nov 26, 2019

AWS Managed Services (AMS) launched support for Windows 2019. You can now launch a standard and security enhanced Windows 2019 Amazon Machine Images (AMIs) in your AMS managed landing zones. Windows 2019 support has expanded the addressable inventory of customer applications that can be migrated to AMS for ongoing operations with minimal refactoring.  

AMS support of Windows 2019 security enhanced AMI provides you with a managed infrastructure offering with addition security settings that are aligned with Center for Internet Security (CIS) Operating System Security Configuration Benchmarks-1.0. By default the security enhanced AMIs provide a higher security benchmark from which you can configure you applications to reach their desired compliance level.  

AMS support for Windows 2019 is available in all the AWS Regions where AMS is available. To learn more about using AMS, visit the website.