Posted On: Feb 10, 2020

AWS Managed Services (AMS) announces support for 8 additional AWS services. With this release, the total number of services supported by AMS has increased to 69, including AWS Transfer for SFTP, a much requested service. In addition to running AWS services within secure and operated AMS managed accounts, you can self provision and configure these services directly in the AWS Console or the APIs. These services fall into the second pricing tier for AMS that is lower for certain groups of AWS services where more of the day-to-day operations is handled by the service itself; 12% for AMS Plus and 18% for AMS Premium.  

Services now supported by AMS include; Amazon CloudSearch, Amazon Kinesis Data Analytics, Amazon Kinesis Data Firehose, AWS VM Import/Export, AWS App Mesh, Amazon Quicksight, AWS Transfer for SFTP, and Amazon Cognito. 

These new services are available in all regions supported by the service and AMS. To learn more about using AMS, visit the website.