Posted On: Jul 23, 2019

Customers can now use Amazon EC2 P3 and P3dn instances for graphics applications such as remote workstations and 3D visualization using NVIDIA Quadro Virtual Workstation software made available using new Amazon Machine Images (AMIs) accessible on the AWS Marketplace.

As more and more customers migrate graphics intensive workloads to the cloud to take advantage of increased agility and ease of management, they also continually look for increased compute power to support complex use cases. NVIDIA Quadro Virtual Workstation AMIs deliver high graphics performance using the powerful NVIDIA Volta V100 GPUs running in the AWS cloud. These AMIs have the latest NVIDIA GPU graphics software preinstalled along with the latest Quadro drivers and Quadro ISV certifications with support for up to four 4K desktop resolutions and 8K video encoding capabilities. NVIDIA V100 combined with Quadro vWS delivers fast ray tracing, advanced simulations, and AI-powered rendering. Also look for our upcoming release of EC2 G4 instances featuring NVIDIA T4 GPUs which leverage the NVIDIA Turing architecture and RTX platform enhancements, enabling support for real-time photorealistic rendering and AI-enhanced graphics, video and image processing from the cloud.

The new AMIs are available on the AWS Marketplace with support for Windows Server:

To learn more about EC2 P3 and P3dn instances, visit the P3 product page.