Posted On: Oct 17, 2019

Amazon FSx for Windows File Server, a service that provides fully managed native Microsoft Windows file systems, now enables storage administrators to view a list of file system users and of open files, and to restore activity on files locked by inactive users.

When users open files on a Windows file share and inadvertently leave them open for an extended period of time, the files remain open and locked, preventing other users from editing them. Previously, to resume activity, administrators needed to track down the users that had locks on these files and ask them to close the files. Amazon FSx now enables administrators to use the Windows-native Shared Folders tool from their own EC2 instances or computers to manage user sessions and open files on their FSx file systems, allowing them to easily view active users and close files on a per-file or per-user basis.

Support for user session and open file management is now available at no additional cost for all new file systems in all regions where Amazon FSx is available, with support for existing file systems coming soon. Learn more about Amazon FSx for Windows File Server and for more information about this new feature, see the Managing Sessions and Open Files documentation.