Posted On: Nov 13, 2019

AWS Launch Wizard for SQL Server is a new service that offers you a guided way of sizing, configuring, and deploying self-managed Microsoft SQL Server Always On Availability Groups on AWS without you having to identify and provision individual AWS resources.

AWS Launch Wizard for SQL Server reduces the time it takes to deploy SQL Server Always On solutions on Amazon EC2, accelerating your journey to the cloud. You simply input your SQL Server requirements including performance, number of nodes, and connectivity on the service console, and AWS Launch Wizard identifies the right AWS resources to deploy and run your SQL Server Always On application. AWS Launch Wizard presents you with an estimated cost of deployment, and gives you the ability to modify your resources and instantly see an updated cost assessment. Once you approve, AWS Launch Wizard provisions and configures these resources to create a fully functioning production-ready SQL Server Always On application in just a few hours. It also creates custom CloudFormation templates for repeatable automation.

AWS Launch Wizard for SQL Server is available at no additional charge. You only pay for the AWS resources that are provisioned for running your SQL Server application. AWS Launch Wizard for SQL Server is generally available and you can use it in the following AWS Regions: US East (N. Virginia), EU (Frankfurt), South America (Sao Paulo), US West (N. California), Asia Pacific (Mumbai), US East (Ohio), EU (Ireland), Asia Pacific (Tokyo), US West (Oregon), Asia Pacific (Singapore), Asia Pacific (Sydney), EU (London), Canada (Central), Asia Pacific (Seoul), EU (Stockholm).

To get started, select AWS Launch Wizard for SQL Server under the Management and Governance section in the AWS console. The launch announcement blog post provides a step-by-step guide to help you use the AWS Launch Wizard for deploying SQL Server Always On. Please visit the AWS Launch Wizard homepage for more information.