Posted On: Dec 13, 2019

Starting today, launch events for Amazon EC2 Spot Instances will be available via Amazon CloudWatch Events CLI.  

Amazon CloudWatch Events deliver near real-time stream of system events that describe changes in Amazon Web Services (AWS) resources. By setting up simple rules to match events, CloudWatch users can route these events to one or more targets or streams. For example, users can setup a rule that automatically relays the launch event of every EC2 Spot Instance to an SNS topic to get a push notification.  

The new feature allows customers to hook into the Spot request life cycle to enable custom actions or workflows when EC2 Spot Instances get fulfilled. These CloudWatch notifications will be available for Spot Instances launched via all available methods such as EC2 Auto Scaling , EC2 Fleet, Spot Fleet, RunInstances API, or RequestSpotInstances API. 

Spot Instances can be launched via RunInstances API with a single additional parameter. You can also provision compute capacity across Spot Instances, RIs and On-Demand instances to optimize performance and cost using EC2 Fleet and Spot Fleet APIs. You can also launch Spot Instances as part of your EC2 Auto Scaling Group. To learn more about Amazon EC2 Spot Instances, visit Amazon EC2 Spot page or technical documentation