Posted On: Mar 10, 2020

You can now privately share applications stored in the AWS Serverless Application Repository (SAR) with all AWS accounts within an AWS Organization using a single AWS Organization ID. You can also define separate resource-based policy statements directly from the console, and select the actions permitted under each statement. This update allows you to quickly share serverless applications across organizations simply and at scale.

Previously, publishers shared applications privately with other AWS accounts by individually adding account IDs. With this release, you can share applications with all accounts in an AWS organization by adding a single AWS Organization principal. You can also access application policies from the SAR console. This allows you to add, edit or delete policy statements with a few clicks.

To share an application with your organization, go to the AWS Serverless Application Repository console, select the application, and click on the “share” tab. Then add policy statements for your organization. Alternatively, use the AWS SDK or CLI to call the put-application-policy API. You can follow step by step instructions in our documentation and our blog.

Support for sharing applications via AWS organizations is available starting today in all regions where the AWS Serverless Application Repository is available.